#EpicFail: I Enabled The Bedtime Battle #NoMore #SleepTraining

For those of you who've been following me since the beginning, you know I am a textbook sleep training loser. I've caved to every bedtime need and whim of my child since birth.

My first attempt at the 'Cry It Out' method lasted all of thirty-seconds. I decided that night, hearing my baby scream like that was not an option. So with CIO off the table, I resorted to nursing or rocking my baby to sleep... for the next 2.5yrs.

No wait, it gets worse...

Six months ago, when FTD decided to move Ollie from his crib to a toddler bed, I told him it was a bad idea, and I was right!The minute I had him rocked to sleep, I would try to put him in his bed, only to be me with tears and protests. Ollie has not slept in that stupid bed through the night ONCE!

He's looking at it like; "You're shitting me, right? Where's my crib?
Screw it. Where's your bed?

Why yes, you are correct, that is pure dumbassery...

It took about two months of various toddler torture tactics before I caved; I gave up on rocking and let him start the night in my bed with books and cuddles until he fell asleep. Please note, when I say "cuddle," I really mean, He puts me in a choke hold and turns my head so my cheek lines up with his, then makes jokes, sings, farts, laughs hysterically and tells me stories about anything he can think of.

I lay very still praying he falls asleep before I lose my shit.

When he finally falls asleep (sometimes an hour later!), I sneak out of bed like it's Alcatraz.

I know. I need my head checked.

Well, my friends, I have some good news, IT'S OVER! I've reclaimed power over bedtime!

Of course, it all happened by accident...

Two weeks ago, the cat wouldn't stop crying, so I told Ollie to stay in bed while I checked on Professor, and that I would be right back. I ran to check on the cat only to find him annoyed that he was out of food. I fed him and went right back upstairs and, (GASP!) found Ollie asleep!

Two nights later the phone rang, again I told him I would be right back... 10 minutes later, I check on him and he was asleep...


For the past week, I have made up an excuse to escape after books and a few minutes of cuddles. Not once has he gotten out of bed! Without fail, I leave and he goes right to sleep!

It kills me to think I have been enabling the bedtime battle by laying with him. I can't help but think I was keeping him up! #EpicFail

As much as I want to cry for all of the HOURS I wasted laying next to him, I'm just happy it's over.

My friends, if my story sounds familiar and you too are laying down with your little for a ridiculous amount of time while they laugh, joke, sing, tell stories, pull your hair, put you in a headlock and make you want to cry, then try giving an excuse to run off for a few minutes and see if it puts an end to your bedtime battle.

Oh, and FYI: Later when I go to sleep, I carry him to his bed so for a few precious minutes before he wakes up and climbs back in my bed,  I can sleep without being kicked or slapped with toddler jazz hands.

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