THIS Is What A Toddler's Favorite Toy Looks Like

Being that I'm a mother of a toddler, I totally get why I've been asked multiple times during the holiday season, "What's a Toddler's Favorite Toy?"  A few times Ollie has been there, so I asked him,

Me: What's your favorite toy?
Toddler: "Poop."
Me: Poop? Ok. Then I better tell Santa to trade your awesome gifts for a huge pile a poop.
Toddler: Trains.

While I can agree with him that trains are way up on his favorite toy list, he also loves this one motorcycle that he's had since he was a baby. He's played with this motorcycle regularly for well over a year now. It's big, blue and plays a few different sounds; a revving engine; a horrible 80's song; a horn. Since Ollie and FTD are yard sale junkies, the chances that he and FTD picked it up at a garage sale are pretty good, so it may well be genuine 80's nonsense.

Before I show you this magnificent toy, you should know a few things.

1. It's been very well loved. Possibly by two (or more) kids.

2. It looks like it's been rode hard and put up wet.

Because it has. A couple of months ago, Ollie tried to ride it. I told him he was too big, but he's a toddler and knows WAY better than me.  Needless to say, the front wheel went flying off while Ollie and the poor musical motorcycle crashed two inches to the ground.  Which in toddler, two inches is like a foot.

3. I know it's a safety hazard now that it's wheel is missing, so I've hidden it from Ollie, unsure what to do next.

Without further ado, THIS is what a Toddler's favorite toy looks like...

You see my dilemma? (Once your eyes stopped watering from laughing at the poor beat up plastic pile of 80's memorabilia that I should have thrown away two months ago.) Ollie LOVE LOVE LOVESSSSS that damn thing.  I can't bring myself to part with it--I even have the missing tire. FYI: I found it in the bushes.

What if Doc McStuffins turns up?

I've decided that I need to find a new one. Surely, it's got to have a more supped-up modern looking counterpart sitting on a shelf in the toy store.

I love that he still loves toys he actually has to play and interact with. I try to limit his screen time when we are home. If I let him, my toddler would be on YouTube every waking minute. He is obsessed with watching trains and Russian dubbed cartoons. Seriously, Russian Caillou.

I redirect him to his toys or find an activity for us to do together so he doesn't figure out how to outsmart me in Russian.

Sorry, I got off the matter at hand; my toddler's favorite toy.

I'm searching for a new one.

OK, so what would you do about his mototcycle? Find a new one, try to stuff the wires in and fix it or throw it away and move on?

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