Merry Christmas from First Time Mom and Dad! I hope you enjoy your gift from us...

Thank you all for another wonderful year! We have been so blessed to have you in our lives, and hope you continue to support, love, encourage and laugh your asses off at us for another year.  We also hope your year has been as blessed as ours, and pray next year is even better!

And now... for your gift... Our annual anti-family-lovey-dovey-want-to-throw-up-your-family-is-so-cute Christmas card... Warning: We are exposing that damn elf for who he really is...

Yes, an elf was harmed in the making of this card.
Yes, we mailed it to all of our family and friends.
Yes, a few are no longer speaking to us. 
Yes, we are elated about that because they are lame.
Yes, FTD couldn't help but throw in his Aussie speak.
Aussie: 'ave a RIPPER 2015 (ya, sausages!)
American: Have a fabulous 2015 (ya knuckle heads!)

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