Parenting Tip #44: If The Kid Gets Sick, The Household Is Screwed.

Picture it: Day 9 of illness running my household.

The garbage bins are full of tissues.

The sink is full of dishes.

Takeout boxes litter the kitchen counter.

The laundry pile has grown so large it's been deemed an Alp.

Toys line every square inch of the floors.

If you are having trouble picturing this horrific scene, then count your lucky stars. Clearly you have never had a child drag a cold into your house from daycare, then over the course of a week the cold germs attack EVERYONE, ending with you.

Yes, my friends, the house has gone to shit because momma feels like shit. The first cold of the season hit us hard. Last week, Ollie started out with a low-grade fever and no other symptoms, within two days that all changed to full blown cold then the dreaded Croupy seal cough. Of course, when the croup hits, I watch him 24/7 and let him sleep in my bed. In doing so, I completely sign myself up to catch a sickness of some sort. 

And boy did I ever!

I thought I was fine when by the end of the first week with FTD already being sick and Ollie at the end of his cold and Croup, I was spared. Then, I woke up two days ago without a voice.


I knew immediately; I was next.
Over the next 48 hours, the state of my health and the house went downhill FAST!  As much as FTD does try to help, he does it in a man way.  

  • Order takeaway 
  • Keep the kid alive
  • Watch horrendous crap on TV with the kid so mommy can sleep
Of course, I will take it, but the house, especially the kitchen, living room and laundry, look like a fraternity has taken over. Needless to say, after a trip to the doctor and pharmacist, I made a pit stop in the cleaning aisle of my local grocery store and filled my basket full of disinfecting wipes and cans of Lysol. 

Thankfully, I am on the mend and have high hopes for a full recovery over the next 24 hours. 
But dear God, if FTD, Ollie or even the cat turn up sick before I am better... Momma's gonna need a Valium-vodka cocktail and a padded room.

Ahhhhh the joys of parenting...

How do you prepare for cold and flu season? 

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