Mommy Does it! But, Daddy Is RIGHT THERE!!!!

It never fails, anytime my toddler needs something, he comes to me for it.  It doesn't matter who is closest, it's always, Mommy does it! It also never fails when I say, But, Daddy is right there!, that I get a blank stare.  It's like he is looking at me like I'm not only giving him an unnecessary update on daddy's current position, I am wasting precious time not getting him whatever it is that he want.


I just don't get it. Even if Ollie is sitting in FTD's lap watching TV, he will crawl out of his lap, find me and ask for water.  What the hell? The real slap in the face comes when Ollie is already in the kitchen with FTD yet still seeks me out to get him a snack. It's pure dumbassery.

The kid is relentless! It does't matter if FTD is home or not, if he needs...

Water: Mommy Does it!

Snack: Mommy Does it!

Can't find a toy: Mommy does it!

Needs help getting his socks and shoes off: Mommy finds it!

Needs a diaper change: Mommy Does it!

Of course, being that he is an evil genius and knows how to work the system, there are certain things he will only ask FTD for.  Pretty much it's all of the things he is looking for an easy yes.

Candy: Daddy, can I have.
Cookies: Daddy, can I have.
Ridiculous yard sale toys that look like they have been well loved by an entire neighborhood of children: Daddy, can I have...

When I finally hit my breaking point a couple of weeks ago, I started refusing to meet his demands.  I insist that I'm busy and that daddy is fully capable of helping him. After a few minutes of toddler meltdown protests, one of us caves. I'd like to say the majority of the time he retreats to daddy, but it's more like 50/50. It's a work in progress...

It drives me absolutely nuts! Why do I have to be the toddler's bitch? Daddy needs to share the bitch duties too! Especially when daddy is RIGHT THERE!

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