Sunday Book #Review: A Thicket Of Tales #Giveaway

There is no denying that technology is a huge part of our lives. It's also becoming increasingly a big part of a child's life too with interactive toys, games, Apps and ebooks.  My house is littered with talking, flashing, singing and remote controlled things. In fact, I'd say half of my son's toys run on batteries!

The one piece of technology I have been apprehensive about handing over is a Smartphone or tablet. I'm worried my kid will become obsessed with Toddler Apps, and beg to play 24/7 like a few other kids his age I know. I want him to play with toys and develop a great imagination. You know, be a kid, not a nerd with his nose stuck in a tablet... not yet, anyway.  

Thanks to finding fun kid friendly apps and ebooks, I've been less reluctant to hand over the tablet.  Today's review, A thicket of Tales, written and narrated by, A.D. Hasselbring, is a perfect example of this.

In order to read and review, A Thicket of Tales, I had to download the app, Audible. Once the app was downloaded, the first two books in the series were downloaded to my Audible library: The Good Son & The Gardening Princess. (Currently, there are nine stories in the series!)

When young Jack leaves home looking for adventure and to seek his fortune, his father reminds him that "the good you do for others is the good that will come back to you." As he helps those along his path, the young man experiences adventure that he had never dreamed of and finds strength within himself that he never imagined.

As a beautiful young princess searches for the prince who awaits her at the end of the rainbow, she finds within her a spirit that reveals far greater happiness than she had ever dreamed for herself. In the end, she finds that "it is unconditional love that can build a royal heart and let a true spirit shine through."

I was really surprised by how much of a hit the stories were with Ollie. Normally I can't get him to sit still for our own story times, but when The Good Son started, he was all ears.We got excited together when young Jack's adventure became nail-biting, then cheered together when Jack persevered.

The Gardening Princess is ands-down one every little girl will LOVE!!! It's also a great life lesson for little girls to hear... 

The stories remind me of the fun wholesome stories of my childhood. Each book has a child-friendly story line with an underlying life lesson all wrapped in a bright and exiting tale. I wish there were more like them. 

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