Update: If You're Wondering How The Renovations Are Going... INSANE #DIY

Oh my friends... Who knew Renovation and Operation New Lawn 2014, would be so intense! Since I last week's post on the next phases of DIY and Renovations, I have not finished one thing!  NOT ONE!  That being said, I have been working like a woman on a mission since!  How does that happen you ask? I'll show you...

1. Toddler mayhem in the mix
2. Painting a room with six windows. SIX!
3. Watering my lawn two times a day. TWO
4. My husband is Australian.

Allow me to explain... and show you what I have managed to accomplish... And give a few tips about my DIY dumbassery I've learned along the way!

Oh where to start?!

The lawn...

For those just joining, I am working with TruGreen as an ambassador to completely overhaul my lawn. When I say Overhaul, I mean completely replace it!

Three weeks ago, TruGreen came out and sprayed the lawn with roundup to kill it off. ALL OF IT! A week later, when all of the grass was dead, they "power seeded".  The next step was to water it, twice a day! And since not one freaking drop of water fell out of the sky over the last two weeks, it's been up to FTD and I to water.

I have to admit, I was worried about this process, but I kept telling myself, TruGreen knows what they are doing... On the 10th day, the lawn started growing like CRAZY!  It's about 80% filled in. I have been assured by next week, it will be 99% filled in. Can you believe it?  Watering regularly totally sucks, but OMG so worth it!!

Now... on to the real DIY and Reno... IT'S INSANE!!

Again, for those of you just joining, I am working with Havenly as a brand ambassador to redesign my very large and long front room. It's 40 feet long by 11 feet wide with our front door smack in the middle. We had no idea what to do with it... after working with Shelby, the head designer at Havenly eInterior Design, we decided to have the dining room on one side, and the sitting area on the other. My friends, that was the easy part...

The hard part has been trying to make the room look like the designer renderings...

The room has SIX windows, one detailed front door and miles of base boards... holy shit. I will NEVER paint this room again. EVER! I have been working day and night for the last week on painting and designing the room. I am about 75% finished, and truth be told, the hard work has paid off.


The room is really coming together beautifully. Most of all, FTD and I LOVE the wall and trim colors so much, we have decided to carry them through the entire first floor!  

Here is a sneak peek...

As you can see, the 'Rookwood' fireplace tiles are still being cleaned... which is taking FOREVER! And if you look in the reflection of the mirror, the windows on the other side of the room are taped and waiting for paint. I just had to put the mantel back together so I could see something finished.

OH, and the part about having an Australian husband being a problem with getting things done... he is happy to sit and look at a project for six months... seriously. He has NO sense of urgency when it comes to ANYTHING!  I on the other hand, live by the saying, "Shit or get off the pot!"

I'm pretty sure no explanation is necessary about the Toddle Mayhem part... If so, see the past year's posts... It's constant mayhem in my house.

It's funny how I have all of these ideas for this beautiful 1920's fixer-upper, and completely unrealistic ideas for getting it done in a month or two. It's clear from just the front room, it's going to take the rest of my life to renovate this place.

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