Pregnancy Causes WHAT? Great.

*I'm working with to Preparation H®  to help women understand their options when evil things happen to their body. All opinions are my own.

So get this... Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, makers of Preparation H®, the #1 Doctor recommended OTC brand for hemorrhoid relief, conducted a recent survey by Harris Poll of more than 1,100 women nationwide and found that 59 percent of women would prefer to talk about how much they weigh than that they have hemorrhoids and 40 percent of women would rather disclose their salary than talk about their hemorrhoids.  


In my opinion, talking about your hemorrhoids is about the same as talking about taking a crap; It's personal, kind of (a lot) gross, and well, who really wants to admit to it? I would like to say not me, but during my pregnancy, I lost my classiness, and started talking about all kinds of horrible things that were, or supposed to, happen to my body. Hemorrhoids, were at the top of the list next to stretch marks and cankles.

Me, the day before I popped delivered my son.

For those of you who didn't read my pregnancy blog,, allow me to enlighten you to a few of my hemorrhoid statements I posted during my pregnancy...

  • "Hemorrhoids are really just varicose veins of the rectal area."
  • Hemorrhoid is a hateful word and should never be used in my presence."
  • In regard to pregnancy: "Clearly this is to prepare me for life as a mother.  My baby is ALL I SHOULD CARE ABOUT NOW!!!  That's what I hear screaming out from this pregnancy. I don't want to pee or fart all the time...too bad baby does.  I don't want heartburn and indigestion... to bad baby says don't piss me off and you will learn.   I don't want hemorrhoids... baby says too bad there's not enough room in here, I decided to move out some of your internal organs! 
  • The hemorrhoids are knocking at my back door and it’s the most terrifying thing. It’s 3 Colace a day for me right now. 
Clearly, I had NO shame and a serious fear of getting hemorrhoids when I was preggers. But really, what pregnant woman doesn't have this fear? Sadly, for so many, that fear becomes a reality. A very sad, miserable, uncomfortable tear-inducing reality. 

Hemorrhoids, happen. 

They happen to the best of us.  

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, makers of Preparation H®, realize that hemorrhoids aren't just ailments of old men, they happen to women too; Young, happy pregnant women. 

In an effort to make this ridiculous issue less ridiculous, Preparation H® now makes a line of products that are specifically formulated for a woman's delicate skin.

I have to say, this is really nice. REALLY NICE.  It's also about freaking time!  Hemorrhoids and pregnant women have been at war with each other since FOREVER. Thank goodness, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, makers of Preparation H® recognized the need for women specific products! 

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