Protecting My Son In A Volatile World

Now that I am a parent, I am SUPER hypersensitive to all of the horrible things going on in the world, and worry about if and how they will effect my child. Because of this, I think about The Boy In The Bubble, often. Well, not the actual boy, but about how I want to raise my son in a safe secure bubble, where I can protect him from EVERYTHING! And since he's become mobile, I've realized the bubble would serve to protect things from him too. The kid is wild after all.

The day my son was born, I looked into his eyes and promised to love and protect him all the days of his life. That was nearly three years ago, and at the time, the world was a little less effed-up.

Today, I can't help but worry... From things as small as sending him to school knowing he could catch an illness from another child or fall on the playground, to the really scary stuff like school shootings, terrorism and the all too real threat of an epidemic... protecting my child is becoming increasingly difficult and scary.

Back to the bubble.... I want one! I big hard plastic bullet proof bubble that will protect my kid from the world.

If only it was really that easy right? Or more to the point, not the most foolish way to raise a child...

Seeing my son sick or hurt devastates me. I hate it, and want to do everything I can to prevent it, short of the hamster ball.

So what's set me off this time?

I am TERRIFIED of an Ebola outbreak.


When I heard that nurse, who was supposed to be home monitoring herself, boarded a plane with a low grade fever, then checked into the hospital the next morning, I thought I was going to throw up! Then, after hearing comments form the CDC director regarding her boarding the plane and the way hospitals are not truly prepared, I was even more confused and concerned. First he said, she should not have been on that plane. Then it was, there was no real threat to the passengers...

I hope he's right.

If I think about it too much I need a valium-vodka cocktail and a padded room.

I'm not even going to act like I am going to carry on like normal. Of course we will still have playdates, go to birthday parties and his child's day out program... For now. I also plan to begin preparing my house for the worst. Call me crazy, but when it comes to protecting my child, I will take no chances!  Between the opening of flu season and the possibility of a worldwide Ebola outbreak, I have every intention of being as cautious as needed to protect my family.

in situations like this, I think about my mom, raising her three children on her own during times of  war, environmental concerns and recession. It's not like I have it that much worse today as a parent, than twenty years ago. The threats and illness have been around for ever, and will continue to be.; some worse, some not so much. This helps me to remember that getting too crazed doesn't do anyone any good. If I control the crap out of my kid, and lock him in the house until he is eighteen he will resent me.

I feel like I walk a fine line between being cautious and controlling. I guess that's what parenting is all about; finding the best way to protect my child, yet let him still experience as much as possible.

What about you?  Are you worried?  How do you plan to protect your family?

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Bethany said...

you are definitely not crazy. My husband and I had the same conversation last night about protecting our boys. We are in Texas. I'm scared to go to the grocery store right now. The conflicting stories about who is infected and who is being monitored are not adding up either. We think the situation is much more serious then the CDC is letting on.

Jaime said...

I'm right there with you.

April McCormick said...

@Bethany FTD and I are concerned the CDC is holding back too.

@Thank you! I try not to be too paranoid, but this Ebola thing is sending me over the edge!

Uplifting Families said...

I am also an hour away from Dallas and it is scary. However, as long as you take appropriate precautions to protect yourself. Ie lots of hand washing, carry hand sanitizer with you and use it, and stay away from bodily fluids you should be good. They actually say that it is easier to get the flu than Ebola.

Parents just need to follow the rules, if your child is sick or feels sick, keep them home.

Tash @ Gift Grapevine said...

It's certainly scary - we're watching the news here in Australia and know that all it takes is one person on a plane. There's so much to worry about in the world but we have to let kids be kids. What really scares me is the thought of my toddler tornadoes turning into teenagers. With all the social media around now (and associated issues that go with it), I'm freaking about what it's going to be like in 10 years time! Can I just skip the teenage years???

Michele P. said...

I am also nervous, and have been for some time. I think we don't know alot, only what they choose to tell us. (and some random stuff that might get out and they have to cover their tracks from the leaked info) I am curious to see if the rest of the family that was with the original patient zero is ok, it seems we have heard nor seen NOTHING about them recently. I advise those close to stock up on things you know you will need comfort foods, stuff that won't need to be cooked, water, cleaning supplies, gloves, toilet paper, etc... just in case you have to stay in for awhile if things get hot in your area. Just like planning for a hurricane or storm of course but be a little more vigilant. Another thing I worry about is the Enterovirus going around, it seems like it has been a crazy few months! Stay safe and know that you are not alone-some of course are overreacting, others like me are getting prepared and concerned, and some are not doing anything special. For us, it's still business as usual, work, school and extracurricular activities but if cases are close by that might change.

April McCormick said...

@michelep That is exactly what we are doing; preparing, remaining cautious but life is business as usual... until there is concern... Thanks for your comment!