I'm NEVER Painting With Oil Based Paint Again! #DIY #Dumbasery (1920's Renovation Update)

If you've ever painted even one brushstroke of oil based paint on your wall/door/trim, then you know, IT SUCKS!  It is thick, stinky, takes FOREVER to dry, shows every freaking brush stroke, and when you go to clean it off your paint brush and body, you burn yourself with a Magic Eraser! Ok, maybe not the Magic Eraser part, because who else could pull off such an epic feat of DIY dubassery than the queen of DIY Dumbassery herself, me.

Let's kick this weekend's 1920's House Renovation and DIY Update off with the bad news...


Being the complete novice painter that I am, I had no idea painting latex based paint over oil based stain would cause a HUGE mess and headache.

Nothing like learning the hard way...

I should have known when the first coat of latex paint went on so smooth and easy, something was wrong. The second coat actually PULLED off the first coat.

DIY Dumbassery Tip #1: Latex paint does not stick to oil based anything.

DIY Dumbassery Tip #2: When you run into a situation where you have to use oil based paint, proceed with extreme caution.

The oil paint was thick and messy and near impossible to wipe off unless I got the drip or drop up immediately. Thank you baby wipes!

DIY Dumbassery Tip #3: DO NOT try to wash the paint off your brush with water... or a magic eraser.


Imagine my surprise when I put the oil paint soaked paintbrush under the running water in my kitchen sink, only to have the paint transfer to my hands, AND STAY THERE!  Holy crap, my hands looked like I had white gloves on. I tried soap, scrub, panicking... none proved effective at getting the paint off. Frustrated, I threw the paint brush away and grabbed a Magic Eraser sitting near by. To my delight, it started taking the paint off my hands and arm. Then, my arm started burring.  It dawned on me that I was probably not supposed to use this magic piece of cleaning miracle on my skin.  Sure enough, I have a burn.  FAIL!

I yelled MAYDAY! and thankfully my mom answered her phone and told me to use mineral spirits to clean the rest of the paint off my hands.

It worked like a charm!

Still, the oil based paint mess remained on my window trim...

Damn that stuff!  It smells and takes FOREVER to dry. Thankfully, I have two windows and a small length of base board to paint with the paint.

I love my old house, there are surprises around every corner.  In one room, four windows have been painted with brown latex paint to some how match the two that are still the original stained oak.

**Which, that's an entire other post.... Strip or paint: The hundred year old oak trim restoration nightmare. 

Moving on to the Good news!

I got the rug to tie the sitting area together.

For those just joining, quick recap:

I've partnered with a Havenly, an online "eDesign" firm to help me renovate my front room.  Here's the room and designer renderings.

The room is nearly finshihed!!  All that's left is finishing the oil paint touch ups, adding some design accents and lighting the fire!  The final post will be up next Friday!! But here is a sneak peak on the rug and how perfectly it matches the walls!!!

Next, a lawn update... Recap: I'm working with TruGreen to OVERHUAL my lawn. They killed the entire lawn since 90% was weeds and clover, then power seeded to give me a brand new lawn! All of this was done a month ago. The lawn is about 70% filled in. Hopefully in two weeks I will have that final post up!!

For those of you who asked me to post an update about the Blue Fir we were desperate to save, but weren't sure it was possible...

Good News!!

Why yes, FTD did tie a mummy to the tree.  

It's thriving and happy as can be!
All it took was LOTS of food and TLC.
FTD and I spent the summer lovingly tending to it's recovery from years of neglect. 
The first step was to cut off the dead branches, but only up to 6ft at the most.
Luckily, that was enough to make it happy almost instantly!
Our tree guy said it is doing really well, and free from disease!
I'm not sure who I am more proud of, FTD and I, or the tree...

LAST, I have a HUGE and exciting announcement... you'll have to wait for next Friday update...
No! I am not pregnant.

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