HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ...From The Halloween Grinch!

I just want to start by saying, I used to be cool. I used to be fun and throw caution to the wind... then I became a mother. I became an overprotective, paranoid, spineless, yet strict, mother.  A perfect example of this change is me being an asshat about Halloween.  I big mean over protective and over cautious ass!

This Halloween is my two-year-old's first Halloween to trick-or-treat and score an abundance of candy.

Candy that I won't let him eat.

Well, I won't let him eat it all. That's right, I'm THAT mom!  Never in my widest dreams did I think I would be such a stick-in-the-mud about Halloween with my toddler.  But, I am.

Funny how I finally get why my mom was the way she was about Halloween... I used to be so annoyed that I couldn't eat any candy without her inspecting it, or that I could only have 5 pieces after the inspection, and then a few more each day until it was gone.  All this time I thought my mom was just being mean... and now, I am totally going to do the same!

In fact, I may even be a bigger Halloween Grinch!  Between the door-to-door at strangers house, to candy from strangers, to the real issue, the fact that candy turns my sweet toddler into a psychotic Gremlin that will NEVER go to sleep after eating his Halloween stash!

You all, I feel really guilty about being so paranoid and over protective.  Halloween is a once a year event that children LOVE. I sure did. Yet, I want to suck the fun out of it because I'm worried about the strangers, poisoned candy and my toddler having too much sugar and staying up all night?

Thankfully, Ollie has FTD to spoil him...

The plan is that FTD is going to take Ollie to a few of our neighbor's to trick-or-treat. I know from experience with my nephews, the minute the first peace of candy is given to him, he will DEMAND to have it.  I figure this is going to happen a few times on their adventure.  But when Ollie gets home, I am going to take his candy... eat the good stuff...  Yes, I am THAT mom too... then let Ollie have one piece after nap time until it's finished.

So there, I am a big Halloween ass that's keeping my toddler from fully enjoying the holiday jacked up on candy and running wild. I have rationalized most of the guilt away by telling myself, no toddler needs to get jacked up on candy, and soon enough, he will be old enough to go wild on Halloween, so until then, I am going to be an over protective paranoid Halloween fun sucking mom.

What about you? Are you concerned about the possible over consumption of candy too?

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