12 Semi-Healthy Halloween Treats, Snacks + Dinners

Halloween doesn't have to be all about candy! Here are some super spooky tasty treats and dinner ideas to add a little wholesomeness to your Halloween Festivities.  

Semi-Healthy Halloween Treats, Snacks And Dishes...

I love this.
I have a feeling a variation of it will become one of Ollie's regular snacks!

String cheese pretzels!
Surely, I can do this!

This recipe calls for using Chinese Chow Mien noodles mixed with melted chocolate.
I've read enough reviews to know I need to use broken mini pretzel sticks instead of the noodles,
 and M&M's for the eyes instead of cereal.

So Cute and So Easy! 

This inspired me to be brave...
I might let the kids decorate cookies themselves.

Halloween Trail Mix!
Such a great idea!

I've already started doing this to Ollie's Mandarin oranges.
He LOVES it!

Who doesn't love bite-size Pizza Mummies?

While I think this looks yummy,
it also looks super messy to make.

Rice Crispy Candy Corn...
Can you imagine how AWESOME the "Nailed It" photo will be of this?
I'm already laughing!
I LOVE this.
Every time I look at this photo I want hummus and veggies.

Well, wish me luck, I have a feeling I'm going to need it...

Please, if you have made any of these, and have any tips, spill it!  I need all the help I can get.  OR if you have a favorite healthy Halloween treat please tell me all about it!!  

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