The Two Wheeling Toddler With A Turbo Muffler...

For those of you who follow me on social media, you know FTD put his life in danger when he bought my little baby a bike. Who buys a two-year-old a bike?  My husband that's who!

The bike came with the license tag, "Jesus Loves Me."
 I told FTD he better hope Jesus Loves him too.
Every Saturday morning, FTD takes Ollie out to garage sales while I sleep-in. (SCORE!) Even though they usually buy the most ridiculous stuff, including but not limited to, dirty toys, old electronics, clothes and other assorted yard sale nonsense, there are the rare occasions where FTD slinks sheepishly into the house and says, Come see what Ollie picked out.

You see, he ALWAYS blames the toddler for the poor decisions.  This was the case last weekend when he insisted he had to buy Ollie the bike when he climbed on it and said, I want this daddy. I have to admit, a bike and helmet for under $20 is not such a bad thing, but... it's still something I didn't think he was ready for.

Oh. How. Wrong. I. Was...

He jumped right on the bike and took off. 
I couldn't believe my eyes.  

FTD and I were so proud of him. Of course, FTD was also beaming about the fact that he was right about Ollie being ready for a bike. I honestly didn't think kids started ridding a bike until they were AT LEAST four.  I was wrong.

My friends, I'm here to tell you, a two-year-old can ride a bike. I'm also here to tell you they make turbo mufflers for them too...

Is your toddler a two wheeling rock star too?  When are you planning on buying the first bike?

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Unknown said...

He's looking like a young Dave Mirra!

Alissa said...

I love this!! We have a big community kid sale going on this weekend in our city and I am going to be on the lookout now for James :)

April McCormick said...

@Preston... NOOOOOO! That's my fear-- between his love of skateboards and bikes, I'll own a suite at the children's Hospital before he's 10!

@Alissa, James will LOVE it!! Let me know how he does.

claire said...

Amber has had a balance bike (which sam managed to break) and at the begining of summer she got a similar bikeep to ollies but it has a handle on the back to help steer and or push her along. It should do until she starts school in 2016. Xx