So You're Saying THIS Is Normal Behavior? #ToddlerRidiculousness

I'm not sure if two and a half years old is the magic age, but it seems like my toddler has kicked his wild behavior, talking, questions, naughtiness, inquisitiveness and cheekiness into HIGH gear. He sings all of the time now, he jumps off everything, he hits, yells, demands, runs faster, thinks quicker, dances like a maniac, remembers everything--no more lies about what will/won't happen if he does/doesn't do something- and all together NEVER SLOWS DOWN!

Common, even his face has TROUBLE written all over it!
Of course, I complain about this to anyone who will listen, and nine times out of ten, not only do I not get the sympathy I am fishing for, I simply get...

"He's two and a half, that's normal behavior." 

Crap. So, ALL of that is normal? When does it stop?

"Never, it just gets worse. Wait until he is completely able to outsmart you."


When I think back to when my sister's kids were Ollie's age, I remember how fun they were. They made me laugh out loud on a regular basis. They were always singing, dancing, saying funny things, doing even funnier things, and if they weren't trying to break something, they were trying to emulate Evil Knievel.  They were SO funny!



That's what my kid does. All day. Why is it not funny when he does it?

In fact, it's super annoying 75% of the time...

I'm starting to think I am holding my kid to standards that are WAY too high for a little two year old. For some reason I have it in my head that I need to stop him from constantly being naughty, cheeky, saying bad things, running around, jumping off things, playing with things he shouldn't, running too fast down hill... being a toddler.

I enjoyed my nephews because I let them be... toddlers.  I let them do what they did, because it was so much fun to watch and experience. Of course, when they said bad words, or did dangerous things I would stop them. So why am I so hard on my kid?

I really am exhausted some days!

I know the answer...

Because he is MY kid, and I want him to be perfect. I want him to be the idea I always had for my child before I was a parent. I want him to be things he just can't be right now, and drowning out his awesomeness is doing a huge disservice to both of us. If I would just relax and choose my battles a little more wisely, then I think both of us would be happier, and have more fun.

It's clear that I am the one who needs a chill pill, not the toddler. I am the one who needs to take lessons in fun... from my toddler. According to been-there-done-that parents, he is acting spot on for his age, and that it's me who has the problem.


This is where being a first-time parent bites me in the ass. It's also when I realize why parents are so relaxed with child number two. They know how they are going to act, and what control they really have over the behavior. They know that boys will be boys, toddlers will be toddlers, and just like with my nephews, as long as you stop the toddler from saying bad words, and attempting dangerous stunts, the rest works itself out. Or as I am beginning to realize, the silly behavior is traded for different silly behavior.

It's time to face the facts, this parenting thing may not be so hard if I learn to accept the things I can change and embrace the quirks of each age and stage... And it probably wouldn't hurt to hang out with more been-there-done-that parents for tips on chilling out.

I really am so lucky.
He is such an awesome little guy. 

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