I'm Killing 90 Percent Of My Lawn. On Purpose... #WeekendRoundUp #TruGreen

That's right, I'm killing 90% of my Lawn on purpose, and I am SO SO SO excited!

I know what you are thinking: Why? Why on earth would you go and kill your lawn, on purpose?  

Because, it sucks!  That's why. 

My lawn is 90% weeds, bare spots and clover. Lots and lots of clover! And all of it has to go. NOW!

So, I'm killing it...

It's not like there's much "grass" to begin with...

For those of you just joining this crazy train, here is what's going on. FTD and I bought a big gorgeous 1920's house in May. We moved in the first week of June, and have been trying to make sense of the madness. Sometimes I refer to the house as the money pit, the HUGE mistake, the most beautiful place ever, the alcoholic maker, but most times, my home.  Since buying the house and writing about the perils of owning an old house that needs some serious TLC, I have been blown away buy the HUGE following and response my house posts have received. (Links to past posts at the bottom of this post) 

So, I have decided to start a "Weekend Round up" series. I post on Friday or Saturday morning about the work we are doing on the house. Or as I like to refer to it, the DIY Dumbassery taking place. You see, I am new to the DIY and remodeling world, luckily, FTD is not.  So, together we are stumbling along... 

We invite you to come along on our renovation journey with us.  Trust me, it's worth it for the laughs alone... Right now, I'm mostly working in the yard, because in a couple of months I will be stuck inside with plenty of time to work in the house. 

OK, back to the great grass kill...

Remember how I worked with TruGreen this past July to spread the word about their TRUCARE FOR TROOPS campaign, where they donated a bunch of money to the kids of Fallen soldiers to further their education?  Well, in the process they read a few of my house posts and took some serious pity on me. So much so, they sent a manager from my local TruGreen office out to see exactly how bad the situation with my yard was.  

The manager said this...

"I've been doing this a very long time, and I can honestly say that I have only said this to a couple of people... April, we are going to need to kill 90% of your yard. But don't worry we are going to replace it with beautiful grass." 

I said. Um... Ok... But how long will this take? Will I have a grassless yard for months? 

The manager said it would take about a month to kill, replace and grow my grass. He said all I had to do was water it, and the rest he would do.  

So, crap yard to beautiful yard with all the same grass and no weeds... YES, PLEASE!

I would have agreed regardless since my lawn is a hot mess, that really can't get much worse.

The worst part is all of the clover in the backyard. It attracts bastard bees, that sting. I've been stung, FTD has been stung, and Ollie has been chased. NOT COOL!  So, yes, Mr. Trugreen. Kill that $h*t!

It may look Green, but don't be fooled. It's all clover and weeds, and bare spots...

Then when he saw the side of my house that faces the street, he laughed and said, we will be killing 100% over here. This is really bad!

The ground cover the last owner let go wild, has made such a mess.  KILL IT!!
I asked if grass could even grow with all of the shade from the trees.  He said, without a doubt his grass and fertilizer would have no problem.

Well, then, have at it!

And last my front yard.  He was not nearly as appalled by it. Only 75% of that is getting the wrath of RoundUp.  Probably because it's mostly bare spots.

So ugly!  
You all, I am SO SO SO excited to see what TruGreen can do to my awful lawn. I thought they only fertilized the yard. Who knew they could actually replace an entire yard? 

Next week after my yard is dead, they are coming to power shoot grass seed. The whole yard. WHOO HOO!!!!  

So stay tuned, I will have the after photos of the dead grass, and new photos of the power shooter. I cannot wait to see that!!

Have you ever replaced your grass, or worked with TruGreen?  

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