How Far Would You Go To Track Your Loved Ones? #Folr

*I'd like to thank Folr Family Locator for partnering with me to open the discussion on family tracking. All Opinions are my own.*

In this day and age, technology can do just about anything. From controlling your entire house through a smartphone, to driverless cars, to really, everything else... technology is everywhere, and can do just about anything! Including, track our family and even pets, every move! The question is, how far are you willing to go to follow that every move? 

A long time ago, before I became a mother, I was asked if I would ever embed a tracking chip in my child. Immediately, I said, Like a dog? Sure, I guess so... I couldn't imagine the thought of my child being lost, or worse, taken, so if the technology is out there, why not use it? 

Now that I am a parent...

I'm a little apprehensive about embedding a chip in my child. I would need a chip like that tested for many years, and cleared for everything before I would use agree to it. What if the chip caused cancer, or other awful side effects? It's not worth the risk to me!

HOWEVER, being able to pinpoint where my son is at all times during his adolescent and teenage years in a noninvasive way... Yes, Please! 

I don't want to totally invade his privacy, but if all I know is where he has been and where he is at geographically, what would be the harm in that? And God forbid, anything happen to him, I would REALLY want to know exactly where he was.

Imagine how many parents would be at ease if they could find their missing child?  It breaks my heart to think about.

 I think about school field trips and outings where I am not there to watch over my kid, I would be greatly at ease if I could track his every move. Or when my kid starts walking to and from school, I can watch his walk... LOVE THAT! Or when FTD or I travel for business, being able to know where the other is on the map would be comforting... Or with my aging mom... I threaten my mom every time she doesn't answer her phone for a day or two with sending out a "Golden Alert." Or my girlfriend who lives alone in California who goes running by herself... I could keep an eye on her. 

So yes, even though I am not for embedded tracking, I am all for family locator technology... And that's where the Folr App comes in... it's an app that can track multiple people at one time and even gives a history of their movements for upto a year!  Wild teenagers beware...

I LOVE that Folr lets you track a person's every move in real time!  And multiple people at that!

Bottom line: While I would not embed a chip in my kid, I have every intention of using the FREE Folr App to keep an eye on loved ones. Especially traveling, or in potential risky situations.

Folr is available at both the App Store and Google Play. Click the image below to download it for free now! 

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