Guess Who Thinks HE'S A Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World? My Toddler. #EpicFailParenting

Damn that FTD sometimes, and damn that YouTube most of the time. Put them both together and BOOM! my two year old toddler is singing at the top of HIS lungs,

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world... "

Again, I find myself saying...  

A few weeks ago while pulling Ollie and his friend (a little girl) through the zoo in his big red wagon, he starts to belt out, "I'm a Barbie Girl..." Needless to say, everyone in earshot laughed out loud. I'm not sure if they were more shocked that a little boy was signing Barbie Girl, or that a toddler was even singing Barbie Girl at all.

That's my kid...

Then, when I picked Ollie up from his Child's Day Out program today, his teacher says to me, Did you know Ollie is a Barbie Girl?

All I could say was, Yep, And so does the Zoo and everyone in the cereal aisle at the grocery yesterday.  


This would be his, Damn right I did that, pose.
Such. A. Sh*t! 

Of course, FTD and I have had extensive talks about this, and about future song selections. The problem is, FTD thinks it's hysterical and refuses to stop.  He is probably trolling YouTube right now for more crap songs for Ollie to sing.  I've already been threatened with the, "I'm Too Sexy For My...", song.

There is so much wrong going on in my house right now, but unfortunately, I am the only one who thinks that!  Helllooooo.... It's all kinds of screwed up!

FYI: I've stopped saving for my child's college tuition, and started saving for his therapy for having us as parents, because without it, he will NEVER make it to college! 

My friends, let this be a warning to you... As you already know, your kid is a sponge who loves to repeat most everything, so be very careful what you listen to, because the next thing you know, you've got a Barbie Girl in Aisle 10 with you... or worse, Nicki Minaj! 

Wiggles don't sound so bad now, do they...

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