1920's Fixer-Upper Update: The Renovations And #DIY Are In High Gear!

All summer long FTD kept nagging me about all of the time I was spending in the yard, and not inside the house where the "real work" needed to be done. I promised FTD that I would be stuck inside from October to April, giving me PLENTY of time to fix the inside... and to bugger off because I LOVE MY GARDEN!

As promised, with the autumn leaves beginning to turn, I'm ready to go all Martha Stewart meets Pinterest inside my house.

I have so many projects going on, I thought I would just throw them all out in this post, then over then next few weeks post on each one as I finish them. If you have any tips or tricks to make them easier, PLEASE TELL ME! I am so sick of learning this DIY & Renovation thing the hard way...

First, the lawn.

I was so excited about the idea of getting a whole new lawn.  My lawn was only 10% grass and the rest weeds and bee loving Clover, I wanted it gone. Little did I know, killing the lawn and reseeding it would be so SCARY! You all, my lawn is brown. BROWN! It's been six days since TruGreen did the power seeding, and as promised, I have been doing my part by watering diligently. Which, constantly watering the entire lawn SUCKS!

Day 1

This morning when I woke up to my lawn still being brown, with no real grass in site, I started to panic. Then, after running into a friend at the grocery store who had done a similar lawn killing and reseeding, told me to be patient, keep watering, and not to worry, the grass will come, I relaxed. (Thanks, Erin!)

Then wouldn't you know, after dinner I went out to check the lawn, and there right before my eyes, were little baby grass blades. I did a dance and called for FTD.  It's Here. It's Here. The grass is here!!!

You all, I am SO STOKED!

Next Friday I will post a full update on, Operation New Lawn.

Now, on to the big projects going on inside!

Have I ever told you how I much I don't like my Rookwood Pottery Fireplace? Probably not, because I am embarrassed to admit it. Especially because everyone who comes in my home that knows about   Rookwood pottery, drools all over it. Well, I don't care anymore to admit it, it's UGLY!

WAIT!  Before you call me an ass, I do love the style, it's just the color. I think the brown in the tile makes it look dirty.  But everyone who sees it says its supposed to look like that.

Then, this week while over at neighbor's house who has a similar Rookwood fireplace, I noticed that hers was much cleaner and prettier than mine. She told me it was because the woman who lived in my house before me for 70 years would use furniture polish to keep it clean and shiny.  And that it probably needs a really good cleaning.

WHAT?  Furniture polish on pottery tiles?

I marched right home, grabbed a Magic Eraser and started scrubbing. SURE ENOUGH!  The brown came off! The brown grout wasn't really supposed to be brown either! The whole damn thing is covered in polish and dirt build up.


So now FTD and I are hard at work trying clean to clean the YEARS of furniture wax off the tiles and grout, with an ammonia, vinegar and baking soda mixed with warm water solution. I can't wait to see how awesome the fireplace is going to look when we are finished! Hopefully it's not going to take us years to get it all off!

We are also in the throws of a major overhaul of the living room and dining room! We are trying to bring the renderings from the interior design we are working with for my Havenly ambassadorship, to life!

Hopefully in two weeks we will have the completed room with new paint and furniture! And since we have to pay for all of this paint and new stuff, I am getting creative!  Wait until you see some of the #DIY and #Upcycling I have planned! Follow my social media for updates and look for a #DIY post next week!

And last... the bomb I dropped on FTD...

In just under a month his brother is flying in from Australia to help us tackle some projects. I told FTD I was determined to renovate the kitchen, and hopefully sooner than later. Like when his brother is here.

At least knock out a wall, and move some things around. In a perfect world we will overhaul the whole damn thing. I mean GUT IT! The cabinets and counter tops are from 344 B.C. and definitely would not have been my first choice back then either! And who puts a stove in front of an air duct? #Dumbassery

I'd say I have a few good things lined up.  What about you? Are you working on any DIY or RENO projects?  Have any tips or tricks you can share??

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