I'm Never Buying Another Popsicle Again. EVER! #MomMoment

Ollie loves popsicles. What kid doesn't, since most popsicles are essentially fruit flavored sugar on a stick. In an attempt to get my son "healthy" popsicles, I started reading the ingredients in various brands. I was shocked to find that most all were made with a bunch of crap. Even the ridiculously overpriced brands that promised "100% fruit", were packed full of ingredients I couldn't pronounce. Still, being the sucker loving mom that I am, I bought the sugar sticks to please my son. Little did I know, those artificially flavored ice sticks were not only highly addictive to a toddler (Think: Screaming for his precious four-hundred times a day), they make their poop green! GREEN!!!! That's when I knew I needed to draw the line on store bought chemical popsicles.

My friends, I never in my life thought I would say this, but, I am now a professional popsicle maker!  Crazy, I know... But it's SUPER easy, fun and WAY cheaper than buying crap popsicles.

All homemade with ONLY healthy ingredients!
And cheaper than store bought...
When I started on my quest for popsicle making, I was amazed at just how many differnt molds were available, and more important, how cheap they all were! I've seen the molds at Target, the Dollar Tree, grocery store, specialty stores... They are everywhere once you start looking for them. My most expensive popsicle mold purchase to date are rocket pops I got at Pottery Barn Kids for $14. All of my other molds have cost between $2-$10!! That's the cost of a box of crap popsicles!
I bet there are thousands available! 

Thankfully, there's no short supply of recipes available online, including adult popsicles too. (I just saw a recipe for strawberry champagne popsicles!) Now that I have made a few different recipes, I have found that I like making up my own recipes using what I have in the house. If the strawberries or bananas need to be eaten ASAP, I throw them in the blender with a little organic apple juice, yogurt or Keifer with probiotics, and instantly have yummy popsicles made from fruit I would have had to throw away otherwise!

These are Keifer and frozen fruit!
HINT: Yogurt/Keifer popsicles melt MUCH slower than juice/water based ones.
It's not so scary to hand one over inside the house!

I'm so stoked that Ollie loves his popsicles as much as I love the stuff in them. I also love that he helps me make them. I dump the ingredients in the blender, let Ollie push the button to blend it all together, then poured the mix in the molds! After a couple of hours in the freezer, they are ready to be gobbled up! the best part, I don't mind him eating as many as he wants, at any time I have two or three different varieties packed with fruits and veggies!

Yes, veggies! I'm on a mission to see just how many healthy things I can get into a popsicle, including but not limited too, all fruits, and veggies like kale, spinach and carrots! If I thought I stood a chance with salmon, I'd give it a try.  I'm so proud of my healthy homemade popsicles. I feel like such a mom... #MomMoment

My friends, DO THIS!!!  If your kid loves popsicles like mine does, get on it! You and your bank account will be so glad you did! All you need is popsicle molds and anything you can think you want in your popsicles! Of course, Pintrest is FULL of recipes, I also found a website that has 50 recipes for super healthy popsicles.

August is upon us, how nice would it be to keep your family cool with super healthy popsicles?

For the page with the 50 healthy popsicle recipes, CLICK HERE!

If you have a favorite recipe or tip, please share below!

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