Parenting Fail: I Sort Toys... Everyday.

My name is April, and I'm a compulsive organizer and... I sort toys everyday. I have been doing it for about three years--Since before my son was born. Sometimes twice a day. I know what I'm doing is wrong, because when it comes to organizing a toddler's anything, it's pointless, but I can't help it, I LOVE ORDER! My friends, I hope making this confession today will be the first step to healing from this dumbassery.

This is what I do every night so I can sleep.
Each bin organized by toy type--
Books, Cars, Balls, Tracks, People, Animals, Musical Instruments...
It's a sickness.

I love organizing.  I love everything to have it's own place, and be in it. I love order, light, fresh air and simplicity. My toddler, however, only seems to like three of the four; order doesn't mean jack shit to him. He could care less if his car was in the car bin, or the people bin. I know, because when we have clean up time before nap time, he puts things wherever he wants.

It's a vicious cycle.
I sort. He destroys it.
Rinse. Repeat.
Every night, I go around the house with a laundry basket and pick up all of the toys at once, then sort them into their respective toy bin. Hours I have wasted doing this. HOURS. Being that I have been doing this sorting and resorting business since I was pregnant (FTD played with Ollie's toys before Ollie could), you'd think I'd know by now how pointless it is. I'm actually not sure which is worse, my compulsive sorting, or a two year old having so many damn toys that they need to be sorted. Especially because he can get hours of entertainment out of a cardboard box. 
FTD made him a car wash out of an old box.
He plays with it more than any other toy.
 He drives ALL of his cars through it a few times a day.
It's safe to say this cardboard box get more play than any other toy.
I have wasted so many hours of my life on this sorting dumbassery. And for what? My own happiness? Mr. Jack Shit Toddler, clearly couldn't care less. As much as I'm trying to teach him to get with the program, I know I'm asking a lot of a toddler. 

I need to let go of my chronic sorting... for now.

At least the every night business... 

I've got to learn to be happy with the fact the toys end up in any bin at the end of the day. The sun will still come up tomorrow, and the toddler will still wreck the joint. Sorting changes nothing. 

Who has time for all that resorting nonsense?

I know what Sweet Brown would say...     

Are you a chronic sorter too?

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Unknown said...

I gave up on toy sorting years ago! Nowadays, I only do it once a year - to throw out all the broken toys lol.

Travis Ross said...

That was brilliant. I kind of shuffle things to the site. Our house looks organized, but the walls are lined with things in some places. Every once in a while my wife snaps and has to put things where they belong, but she only gets that urge about once a month. If you're doing this twice a day, you've got a problem, lol.

Travis Ross
Simple Man's Survival Guide

April McCormick said...

@TravisRoss, Oh I totally have a problem! It all started when I stepped on a lego. Shit got real that day, I had to maintain order. I'm working on once a week, then once a month. Your wife has got it right, it's best to only snap once a month.

Erin said...

Your not nuts...My obsessive organizing is barely under control as well. I don't sort like you do but toys belong in the toy room! Once my toddler finishes playing with a toy I jump up and put it away...then of course he feels it needs another look and the cycle begins again. My Husband laughs at this process all day. I do this because all too often we come home to a chewed up ball or Lego courtesy of our dogs. So I do clean sweep a couple times a day. I consider it part of my daily exercise routine.

Uplifting Families said...

No sorting in this household. I toss all of my son's toys into one of two laundry baskets. I finally bought him a crate to put all of his books in (before that I was using an ugly diaper box).

MotherofMayhem said...

I used to be a chronic sorter too! I was cured by....the birth of a second child! I think it could work for you too......

cynthia said...

I am at work all day but I do organize the toys before I go to bed every night. Stack all the mega-blocks together, books into the book basket, puzzle pieces put back into the puzzles, colored rings back onto the yellow post thingy... My son is 15 months and it really is kind of silly how many toys he has already!