With Cooler Months Ahead, It's Time For Family Adventures!

With autumn’s much cooler temperatures around the corner, I plan to get the family outside as much as possible. I have grand plans for hiking, camping, and maybe even a little canoeing or fishing! Between the hot hot hot days of August, and the bitter cold temps that set in by November, we only have a small window to get in as much outdoor adventure as possible.

Having a wild and constantly busy toddler, I am always looking for fun activities to do that will also let him expend some of his energy.  One of my favorite activities is to take him to a near by park to hike the trails, and experience the sights and sounds of nature.  I also love that we are semi-contained on the trails, so keeping up with him is not such a difficult task. 

One activity that I want to do, but have been too worried about how my toddler will react, is camping. We have a HUGE national forest close by that our friends camp at all of the time, but I have been too chicken to take Ollie. Well, now that he is almost three and the weather is perfect, it’s time for us to at least give it a try!

Another thing holding me back from camping is not having the gear! We need camping equipment, all of it.  Knowing this, while I am out shopping I keep an eye out for discount camping gear. Or at the very least, camping tents for sale. Needing all of it at once can get expensive, so any clearance camping gear I can find, I’ll take!

I’ve also been doing research on the best trail running shoes, just incase I find a super awesome clearance for hiking gear!  Truth be told, I am always researching the best of stuff, so I can be ready to buy it when the sale hits.  Like for FTD, I researched the best running shoes for men, so I would have all the facts I needed to talk him into them if I ever found them on sale.

Bottom line, When Autumn’s cooler temperatures hit, no way am I going to sit inside the house comfy in my cheap yoga clothes waiting for winter to knock at my door!  It’s time to start planning for autumn and all of the family friendly outdoor adventures there are to do!

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities in Autumn?

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