Jul 1, 2014

Sorry I Can't Talk Right Now, I Have Toddler Super Glued To My Face.

Holy freaking cling-on, the kid is super glued to my face. And when I say super glued, think: WILL NOT LET GO!

Because peeing in private is overrated. 
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You all, the kid is a cling-on. He is so clingy right now, I cannot even go into the bathroom without him demanding to come. I cannot get through a night without him standing next to my bed waking me up with the creepy stare.  I cannot cook without having to hold him. I cannot talk on my phone, type on my computer, do laundry, get the mail... I cannot do anything without him. NOTHING!

I try to remind myself that in less than a month the kid has had to deal with:

  • Moving
  • No more nursing 
  • His playschool class was changed for summer session and both his teachers were moved and best friend graduated to the threes

I understand any one of those things could send him into cling-on mode, so I suppose all three warrant the glued-to-my-ass attitude.

Lately, all he wants to do is stand next to me, sit in my lap or be held. Which, I shouldn't complain, because I do enjoy the cuddles, but not when I am trying to do something and he is jumping up and down yelling, "HOLD YOU, MOMMMMMMMY!"  That gets a little annoying.

I am trying to be understanding and patient. He is only a little guy in a big world, and I am his shield. It only makes sense that he would want to hide behind his shield, with all of these strange new things going on.

I just hope this passes soon, because at his stout 35-pounds, my back and arms are either going to break, or get me a bid for the strong-woman contest.


  1. Your arms have to be ripped by now. My kid does the same thing and I love the cuddles too, but there are times when it's just not appropriate. I try really hard to convince her of this, but sh'e not buying it. One thing that sorta works right now is putting a chair near me in the kitchen.

  2. My arms are certainly getting there! I have ollie on a chair in the kitchen, or of course he does live climbing the drawers... remember.... 10 Things My Toddler Is Doing That Will Make Yours Look Like An Angel... http://www.firsttimemomanddad.com/2014/06/10-things-my-toddler-is-doing-that-will.html


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