It's BIG Boy Tricycle Time!

My friends, it's time. It's time to buy my big boy a tricycle. I am excited and nervous at the same time. He jumped on our neighbors tricycle yesterday (Mel, if you are reading this, he broke into your backyard and stole it while I was talking to Mrs. Rose. You all were at Waterfront Wednesday!), and after a little trial and error was off! I am not sure who was more proud that he figured out the whole peddling thing, me or him?  What I do know is that when I told him it was time to go, he gave me the look of, Try and die lady...  So after prying his body, one part at a time off of the thing, I promised that we could go buy one.

I'm so excited to get him his first tricycle! However, it will not be the first ride the tricycle has ever had. We are going to comb the second hand kid stores today to find one.  But before we do that, we are going to get him a fun helmet! My plan is to take him to the wall of kid helmets and let him pick out his favorite, then make a HUGE deal about how awesome it is, so he will be happy to wear it EVERY TIME he rides his tricycle.

So why am I telling you all this?  Because I need tips of course!!!  Have you bought your first tricycle yet? Any tips? Any favorites? I looked up tricycle safety tips, and like with most kids toys, the tips were all about common sense...

1. Wear a helmet
2. Don't ride in the road, near a pool, around a construction site or nuclear plant.
3. Don't let your kid say, Peace Out, and turn the corner while you go back in the house.

You know, the usual, don't-be-a-dumbass-parent tips. We are talking about a two-year-old and a tricycle, not a 16-year-old and a Porsche.

Anyhoo.... we are off! I promise to Instagram all of the excitement of the day! So, if you want to follow along and are not following on Instagram or Facebook, GET ON IT!!

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mel b said...

I'm glad he liked it! J still hasn't mastered the pedaling yet, so good for O. I'm glad someone is getting use out of it! :)

Anonymous said...

We actually found one dumpster diving. I think it's a Fisher Price and has a large bar on the back that we can push her with. It also folds under the bike so that she can use it as a rocker inside. She can't reach the peddles yet. As far as tips; don't let them go to fast and let him practice turns. My daughter has a tendency of falling off because she's not paying attention. Make sure you explain the proper use of the bike or you will have evil kenevil riding the bike standing on the seat. You might want to invest in some knee and elbow pads too until he gets the hang of it. Good luck! It's a lot of fun, but a little nerve wracking at first.

April McCormick said...

Thank you! He sat there determined to figure it out. If only he put that determination into potty training.

April McCormick said...

Thank you! great tips. I'm tempted to drive up and down the alleys now. I want a dumpster tricycle!!!

Shellie White said...

The only tip I can give is that Costco sells bubble wrap in bulk! I have been very tempted to buy some every single time I go in. I am sure I will get many uses out of it (football season, baseball season, when he starts writing with a pencil.....). Another tip though (I've learned this from my own 2 year old), if you buy one with a 'trunk', check it before you bring the trike back inside.......there may be frogs. Also, if you bring it in every night, it won't fade and you can then resell it later at a great price! ;)