Dr. Recommended Anti-Aging Skincare Remedies In Your Fridge! #DIY #ItWorks

My friends, if you are tired of spending WAY too much on miracle lotions and potions that promise to make you look 10-years younger, then you are going to LOVE this... 

Save thousands of dollars, but look like a million, with these ingredients!
Yesterday, while watching The Rachel Ray Show, (LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!) she had a segment with the fabulous Dr. Youn, a Michigan-based, board-certified plastic surgeon, on Age-Defying Skincare Remedies From Your Fridge! The three tips were so good I had to share!

Puffy Eye Corrector & Eye Lift

Say bye bye $100 eye serums, and hello to tea and potatoes! Yes,
green tea and potatoes are all you'll need for this miracle treatment!

Here's How:
1. Steep the green tea 
2. Allow to cool in the fridge
3. Place potatoes in the fridge to get cold too
4. Once everything is cold, slice potatoes into thin slices and allow to soak in tea for several minutes.
5. Place green tea soaked potatoes over eyes and relax for 10 minutes. Results are instant!  

Here is why it works...

The starch in the potatoes are an anti inflammatory, and get this... potatoes can lighten the skin! Dr. Youn said that potatoes are a "mild skin lighter!"  WHO KNEW?  

The Green tea is fabulous for eyes since it has caffeine which constricts the puffiness and loads of antioxidants, that not only help protect from sun damage, but help to treat the sun damage you already have!

Sun Spot Corrector

1tbsp honey
1tbsp soy milk
1tbsp lemon juice 

Once well mixed, apply to your face using a paintbrush/foundation brush. Allow to sit for about 25 minutes. Apply 2-3 times a week. Takes 6-8 weeks to see the results, but that is no different than $1000 treatments! 

Here's why it works:

The citric acid in lemon juice is a skin lightener, and the soy milk, according to Dr Youn, is a "Very powerful skin lightener," due to the enzymes that block the production of melanin--the sun spots- and has Vitamins A & E which are great for your skin.  Honey, he said was a, "jack-of-all-trades," making it fabulous for the skin!

At Home Chemical Peel To Fight Wrinkles!

2tbsp Milk
2tbsp Apple Juice
1 egg white 

Once very well mixed, apply to entire face with brush and eave on 20 minutes, or so, until dry. Skin will tighten and firm while solution is drying... and stay that way even after it's washed off! Apply 1-2 times a week.  Results will vary depending on damage, but can be very quickly for some! Dr Youn said the mix was just as effective as in-office chemical peels!  

Here's why it works:

Milk has Lactic acid, and apple juice has Malic acid, a.k.a. Alpha Hydroxy Goodness! The egg whites have albumin which will help your skin tighten while the mixture dries. The three combined work as a mild exfoliator to remove surface damage!

To see one or all three of the segments, CLICK HERE!

If you try one, or all three, please come back and tell us what you think!


If you have home remedies you LOVE, please share!

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