Toys. Toys. Toys. Toddler Toys EVERYWHERE!

Toys. Toys. Toys. TOYS!  They are taking over my life.  But there is this one toy in particular that is driving me CRAZY!

Don't Let The Smile Fool You. The Toy is Possessed!
That firetruck is Ollie's FAVORITE toy right now. He plays with it all day. It has this little button in the front that you push to make it go. 



Even if forever means into a wall where it spins it's wheels and makes a whirring sound that is so damn annoying it could make a NAVY Seal talk after an hour. So imagine the state of my sanity hearing it ALL DAY! 

**After hearing the thing spinning into the wall or furniture for a solid five minutes **
Me: Ollie, where is your firetruck?
Ollie: Over there, mommy.
Me: Can you turn it off please?
Ollie: OK.

He goes over, picks it up to play with it for all of two minutes--the attention span of a toddler-- then lets it go to roll into something. Five more minutes pass and we repeat the above dialog.  This seriously goes on ALL DAMN DAY! 

That firetruck, along with Ollie's four million other toys are driving me CRAZY! My house looks like I run a daycare for a thousand crazy kids jacked up on donuts.

 Places I find toys:
  • In the hall
  • Under the bed
  • Behind the toilet
  • Shoved in the couch
  • In my bed
  • In the refrigerator parked in the grapes
Apparently, he needed to offload his current cargo
to pick up the new cargo.

  • Under one of my feet inflicting ridiculous amounts of pain. 
  • In the laundry basket
  • On the stairs 
  • In my shoes
  • In my handbag
  • Under my carseat--It's a police car, so every time I turn a corner I think I'm being pulled over! 
  • In the fire place
  • Crammed in the DVD player
  • Crammed in the SubWoofer
  • In the middle of our major renovations
Remember this before and after picture?
 Remember the toys in the middle of the action?

Places I do not find toys:
In the toy box

I could be going out on a limb here, but I think it's time to teach the kid the art of pick-up-your-crap-kid. I find myself spending the majority of my day either stepping on toys or picking them up.  It's time I start trying to teach him that he needs to put one toy back before he get out a new one. 

Yeah, I can hear you laughing at me.
I am laughing at me. 

Who tries to teach a two-year-old to keep things tidy? 

This girl.

But it's gotten out of hand!  I have got to do something.  

Don't worry, I'll let you know what I figure out, and how it works out for me...

Do you have any suggestions?

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Dreamer said...

Ohhh My Goodness!! Of course you aren't alone.. I have my little son's car's which goes beep beep and honk honk.. Not forget some incessant kill bill kinda background score... Arrrghhh! just talking about it is torturous.

Uplifting Families Parenting Advice said...

Haha, I haven't found any toys in my fridge yet with any of my kids. My youngest does bring his toys all over the house too. :)

Katrina Thennis said...

I have no clue...One of our most successful ideas so far (as far as keeping the toys picked up) was to store almost all of the toys in bins in the garage. But then they start getting into my stuff... And they won't leave me alone. Or they want to watch t.v. all day. So I guess that didn't really work either. So maybe habit training? But I need the habit training first because I need to be able to remember to keep track of them so they get into the habit of cleaning up before moving on. It's a vicious circle. ;D

Unknown said...

Well as a Mother of Nine I think the Best Trick I Learnt from my Mommy here it Goes.Soon as My mom Grabs The Broom She would say"If you don't want to Lose it You have Five seconds to Pick it up and Put It Where It BELONGS or In the Garbage it Goes!Believe Me You Wouldn't want to Lose it Cuz Gone is Gone!But As a Parent You have to have a Rubbermaid /Serlite Boxes for the toys for the Child Too Put them in Otherwise it defeats the Purpose!!!<(")

Anonymous said...

Toys are everywhere here too. Its like no matter how many times you pick them up, they spread themselves from one end to the other in minutes and end up in places I never thought imaginable. Oh the joy. The main exercise I get now is picking up the same toys over and over.