UPDATE: The 1920's Fixer-Upper...Moving is Major!

We are officially in! It's been three weeks now... and we are FAR from settled. You would think going from 800sqft to 2000sqft would be easy. Not even! It turns out, FTD, Ollie and I crammed what seems like 4000sqft worth of crap in  the five closets we had in the old place. It looks like we are going to be living out of boxes and bags for the next 10 years. I was also not prepared for the shock and anxiety of being a home owner. My friends, I have been ananxiety filled mess these past few weeks. I'm here to tell you, moving is hard, and stressful, and new home ownership is some scary business!

From the minute I walked into the house I loved it.  I even loved all of the ridiculous wallpaper.

Then... we started moving. I slowly began to trade my love for the house, for fear and anxiety. I wanted out of our tiny condo for so long, I thought moving would be this awesome thing.  I was wrong.  It's big, and scary and a HUGE adjustment. I had no clue how much work and emotional moving can be. Who knew I needed to mentally prepare myself for this move?

Thanks to a very long conversation with my Realtor/old friend, I found out my extreme anxiety and buyer's remorse was par for the course. Thanks to her reassurance, I have relaxed... and yes, started working on the next renovation project... the tiny pink potty!

The whole thing needs to be gutted!
Except the super deep soaking tub. LOVE IT
FYI: The room is so tiny, that it has a louver door!
We are going to fix that first!
For those of you that do not follow me on Instagram, here are a couple of other renovation and DIY projects I've been working on...

That linoleum is super gorilla glued to every shelf and cabinet and drawer in the kitchen.
I had no choice but to clean it, then stick contact paper on top of it.
The kitchen is on the MAJOR Renovation list, so the contact paper will do for now.
That filthy carpet was on the stairs for FIFTY years!
5.0. Fifty.
I dry heaved when the carpet people pulled it out.
THAT is my mailbox!
Everyday the mailman scares the crap out of me.
I'm sure someone is breaking in.
Now that the DIY and renovations are back in full swing, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the updates as they happen! If you are just joining me on this journey, you may want to read:

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