Is My Kid Extraordinary? Absolutely! Aren't They All...

I was recently asked by a Media company I work with if my kid was extraordinary.  Um... Yeah.  The kid is BOSS! But, really, aren't all kids extraordinary?  When asked to elaborate, I wrote this...

My kid is the most extraordinary of them all! Well, I think so.  He is just over two-years-old and can run, jump, climb chain link fences, and give me back-to-back mini heart attacks ALL DAY LONG! Sometimes, he can even make crazy enough noises in his sleep to induce a few more mini heart attacks. He can say his ABC's, count to twenty and recognize numbers and letters. He can even read a few words, and hold very interesting conversations about his day and how he took a "dump" in the potty. (Thanks again FTD for teaching him to call it a "dump".) And what's even more extraordinary, he managed to learn all of this with a RAGING case of selective hearing! His memory is extraordinary too, he can remember things from when he was 18-months old, though he does have trouble remembering the rules, and that nap-time and bed-time are for sleeping, not driving me crazy. Yeah, my kid is definitely extraordinary.

He even does laundry!!
So what if sometimes I find a Hot Wheel or twenty in the wash.
I'd have to say all littles are extraordinary. It's amazing how they grow and learn. How they are fearless, yet cautious. How they are stubborn, but love to please. How they will throw a raging end-of-days fit one minute, then run off laughing and playing the next. How they can seem so tough and big one second, then crawl in your lap for a cuddle the next. How one day they know ten words, then the next they know twenty.  How one day they love grapes, then the next they are launching them at you in disgust. How one day they are happy to be carried, then the next they will insist on walking. Ok, you get the picture. Now, allow me to elaborate...

In my son's two short years, he has learned and accomplished so much. It's really amazing to sit back and watch him grow and process things. It's also scary to see how he has absolutely NO fear.  If he sees a big kid do something, he will try it.  If it looks fun, he will try it.  If it looks scary, he will consider it. He wants to try everything, and lives life without fear of failure.  The kid is truly amazing. Even if he does scare the crap out of me and test my patience on a regular basis.

I am convinced my kid has a danger beacon built into his brain where his fear meter should be.  He climbs every thing he can find, including ladders and chain link fences.  He tries to ride big kid bikes, skateboards and FTD's Moped. He jumps off two-foot retaining walls, and runs up and down steps. He will also eat just about anything that looks tasty off the floor. He has absolutely no fear.

I know I carry on about how his Toddler Code of Conduct is all about 100% naughtiness 100% of the time, but he really is a good boy. Yes, sometimes he throws monstrous toddler tantrums, talks back, and has a problem listening, but thankfully, that's only a small part of his story. What he does most is blow my mind with his ability to learn, grow and love. He is so sweet and kind, and fun to be around. I can't help but thank God everyday for my little blessing.

ALL kids are absolutely amazing, regardless of challenges and differences. They are incredible little miracles that teach us about life, unconditional love, patience and understanding. They don't have to do much to be extraordinary, because they naturally just are.

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