Happy Father's Day to You Rad Dads And Single Moms!

This morning, I had Ollie run in and tell FTD, "Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love you." Then give him a hug and kiss. FTD, hugged Ollie back and then said, "Thank You, baby. I love you too. I've never heard those words from a little person before."  FTD then looked at me, holding Ollie tight, so happy and content, smiling a very well deserved, rad dad smile.

I realized then that this was the first time Ollie could say those words. Sometimes it's the smallest things...

I would like to wish all you rad dads out there a very happy and blessed Father’s Day. To those first time dads, CONGRATULATIONS!! Today you join the amazing father’s of the world on this very special day, now celebrating YOU too!

To those single dads out there, well done. It's not easy. Even if your child(ren) cannot express how thankful they are for your tireless selflessness, support and love, they are, and one day will tell you themselves. You are a Rad Dad!

To those not so rad dads...get your shit together and man up. It's never too late to be a rad dad. Never. 

To those outstanding single mothers out there doing the job for two, Happy Father’s Day to YOU too! My mother is a single mother, one heck of a single mother at that.  My mom played catch with my brother, taught all three of us how to drive, fed and clothed us and always gave us a shoulder to cry on, still does. Every Father’s day my siblings and I celebrate our wonderful mother.  She did the job of a father and well! So to all of you single mothers, this day is for you too. 
Happy Father's Day Rad Moms!

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