Do Something Truly Patriotic For Independence Day... #TRUCARE4TROOPS #FallenPatriots

I am working with TruGreen to bring you today's post supporting an amazing cause. All Opinions are my own.

I am so proud to be an American. When I think about my country and freedom, my heart fills with pride. I have traveled all over the world, and every time I board the plane to come home, I am so thankful to be returning to the States. As Americans, we are afforded so many freedoms and opportunities that billions around the world dream of. In order to keep our borders safe to protect our freedom, hundreds of thousands service men and women work and fight tirelessly. Tragically, many lose their lives fighting for our beautiful country, leaving behind a family that desperately depended on them.

Because I am desperate to show my gratitude to those serving, and to their families for their incredible sacrifice, over the past ten-years I have worked with numerous organizations to support and bring awareness to the men and women fighting on the front lines for my family’s freedom. So when TruGreen reached out to share an incredible project they are doing in association with the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, I was so excited to jump on board! My friends, in only a few minutes, you can help a child of a fallen soldier go to college! (It's totally free, and you may even win a $500 Visa cards for your hero!) 

Today, June 24, 2014, TruGreen launched a massive social media campaign to bring awareness to the Children of Fallen Soldiers Foundation. The foundation helps children who have lost a parent serving in the armed forces fulfill their dream to go to college. (LOVE THIS!) TruGreen, knowing the importance of supporting further education, has decided to not only spread awareness for the Foundation, but also to donate money to support a child's dream! In an effort to bring this awareness and get the community involved, TruGreen is asking for your support and favorite photos and stories of your hero!  

Here is how the two part social media campaign works!

Today through July 13, 2014, TruGreen is asking you to post your favorite photo of service men and women (veterans too!) on the TruGreen Facebook campaign page with a little story about your hero. For every posted photo, TruGreen will be donating $100! Then, from July 14th through July 23rd, you, your friends and anyone else you know, can go vote for your favorite photo. For each vote, TruGreen will donate $1. The top FIVE winners will receive a $500 Visa gift card! In addition to your photo and votes, TruGreen will donate $1 for every like their Facebook page receives too! 

My friends, this campaign is really important to me. I want to do all I can to support a child's dream of further education. Please support this campaign in anyway you can.  

Please head over to the TruGreen Facebook Children of Fallen Patriots Campaign page, throw them a like and get your photo and story posted... Click Here to get started

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