11 SUPER EASY 4th of July Snacks And #DIY Party Ideas

Need some 4th of July Inspiration?
Check out a few of my favorite Yummy Snack and #DIY ideas.


Red, White and BLEU sliders!
I love bleu cheese. love it!
Add blue food coloring to mustard to make
Red (ketchup), White (Mayo) and Blue (Mustard) Hotdogs! 

For the kids... Firework Dogs!

so easy!
I bet you could make a bunch and pile them high and still have the flag look.
You could do two types of cheeses,
and even have strawberries as the middle red stripe!
Use the left over watermelon to make adult beverages or popsicles! 
Tip: Freeze a few stars for fun drink chillers
Yes, Pls

#DIY Crafts

This is great to have if you have an annual party. 
This could be tedious, but easy enough

Red, white and Blue Rice tea lights!  Find citronella tea lights too!

The more I stare at this, the more I think I can do it. What do you think? Super easy, or super opportunity for a Pinterest "nailed It" moment?

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Red White And Blue SHOTS!

Red White And Blue SANGRIA!!!

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