10 Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas Sure To Please... (Insert evil genius laugh)

With Father's Day only a few days away, I thought I would post a few ideas for those of you still looking for the perfect gift!  Let it be known, this post is in no way sponsored.  I hand picked these super awesome ideas all by myself.  Besides, no way could I get away with a few of these cheeky gifts if someone other than me was putting their name on this post...

Without further ado... 10 Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas...that even the dad who has everything surely doesn't have...yet.  <Insert evil genius laugh> To get more info on each item, click the photo to check out the details.

1. Does Dad need an awesome coffee mug? 
You should probably throw in the Turtleneck too.

2. Don't get Dad another neck tie... get him what he really needs, a Neck Tie Napkin!!!

Genius.I'm surprised every hipster on the planet is not rocking these daily.

3. Is Dad looking for new ways to play with the kids? Get him the The Daddle Saddle!!

Hell Yeah & YEE HAW!!

4. Looking for something for the kid(s) to give to Dad? Something all will love? I present, The Farting Teddy Bear!

5. Does dad need new gardening gloves? Get him some, HANDERPANTS!

Imagine the office talk on Monday.
So, FTD, what did you get for Father's Day?

6. Does Dad (and mom!) need super lush sheets... with fancy monogramming? Don't love your initials, or tired of the same old monogram, get creative... Go with DAD or MAN or OMG or...

These are our sheets!
And it's safe to say, FTD and I do a fair bit of LOL-ing every night when we crawl into them! No 

7.  Does Dad play Poker with the guys regularly?  Get him a deck of man pleasing cards!

I swear I thought that one card was her head coming out of her ass... maybe it is?

8. Does Dad enjoy a cold beer on occasion?  Then get that man a holster!

I'm seriously ordering one for FTD.
Is Dad more of a sixer-of-cans kinda man? No problem!

He may need a few ice packs duct taped into the places in-between the cans.

9. Does Dad complain about blowouts... both his own and the baby's?  Then I have the gift for you!  SHITTENS!!!

No explanation necessary.
Other than, yes, you can real buy these damn things.

And last, the cheap and easy, but sure to please gift...

10. Does Dad need a massage?

This one is DIY-er!
All you need is a white t-shirt Sharpie/Fabric Pens and a couple of Hot Wheels!
Oh, and the kids to act interested.

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