We've Moved! In Other Related News... I think FTD is a hoarder... and my kid has WAY too much crap!

We did it. We finally moved!  Well, we moved the majority of of our stuff... 

In the last three days I have learned two valuable lessons:

1. Moving=The fastest way to realize just how much unnecessary crap you have.
2. Home Ownership= Bills, Bills, Bills...

Ok, one more thing..

3.Moving from a shoebox apartment into a new house=AWESOMENESS!!!! 

You all, even after hiring movers, and filing the rather large truck full of stuff, we still had a quarter of our stuff left to move! 


I'll tell you how.

My kid has WAY too much stuff.  

And FTD has too many shirts.  

And me, well... I may have a few too many shoes dresses books things too. 

Nonetheless, we are on night three in our new house!

How is that going you ask? It's going... 

The first night, not a damn one of us slept. Ollie was up and down, Professor (a.k.a "the Bloody Cat" was up yelling and meowing THE WHOLE FREAKING night. FTD was crazed. I was crazed... it sucked. 

Night two, pretty much the same thing, except FTD ran to the basement to the peace of his old faithful couch and slept well.  So when Ollie was up at the ass-crack of dawn, I sent him and Professor down to the basement to find daddy, and slept in. 

Ready for another night of pure ridiculousness, I made up the bed in the guest bedroom, (a blow up camping bed) and told FTD he could go there if Ollie comes into bed. I settled in to bed early, ready for round three of crappy night sleep.  Sure enough, since I was prepared, Ollie stayed in his bed and Professor didn't make a peep. #ThankYouGod

Feeling good tonight, I decided to tackle the stack of mail I had been neglecting over the past week preparing for the move. Half way through the stack, I was ready to throw up.  It was bill after bill after bill, and in between one company or another trying to sell us insurance or some other house related thing. Apparently, home ownership comes with a daunting amout of bills too.  And scary ones, like mortgage, water, electric/gas, cable, mortgage, renovation costs, a plumber--thanks to our first leak, home warranty insurance, mortgage... I'm seriously freaking out.

Of course, FTD and I ran the numbers over and over before buying the house, but the unknowns and stack of bills are still scary as hell.  I swear,  becoming a grown-up is one of the dumbest damn things I have ever done...

For those of you who are wondering about how the renovations are coming along... Swimmingly. They are coming along swimmingly! 

You can now call FTD the Mud/Spackle King
Ollie's room was a big one.  His floors were so wrecked from glue and crap we decided to lay a floating wood laminate floor over them until we had the time, money and energy to attack them. 

From the paint to the floors, I am SO pleased!!!

I bought a wallpaper steamer contraption to finish off the walls in four rooms and a hallway... I'm only a few rooms in now... and the yard is coming along nicely too! 

It took us two weeks of ass-busting work to finally realize we were not going to finish before we needed to move in, and to start a priority list and budget so we can set realistic goals. For now, we are happy with the extra space and fabulous neighbors. The rest will come in time...

Next up... the tiny pink potty.
Why yes, that is louver door you see...

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