Trying To Find The Humor in Parenting, Before Losing My Mind From It

I am always carrying on about how important it is to find humor in parenting, even when the moments strike where you are sure it is impossible. I am always carrying on about it because I still struggle with it, and need to constantly remind myself to relax and laugh. Thankfully, I am getting better at it...

Just yesterday, the crazy toddler struck again with an all day festival of cranky boy. It made the day very difficult to find those moments of parenting humor.  Between throwing himself on the floor because I wouldn't let him play with my phone, then crying the whole time that I was on a phone call, to running off before I could get him in the car, to throwing rocks on the playground... we both had our moments of ridiculous frustration. Thankfully, for some of those moments, I no longer cater to his silly behavior by either refusing to give him the attention or thing he wants, or just walking off until he is finished throwing a fit.

Still, some days I fall short and wish I had the mentality of parents of multiples. I see and talk to mothers of multiples who have gone through the toddler stage, at least once, who are so calm about those moments that I find myself crazed. I wish I could have that "whatever, he's fine," mentality of my been-there-done-that friends. I wish I could not be so fearful and crazed!

"Fearful" being the operative word. At least once everyday, I have that heart stopping moment when my son gets too close to the road, or runs off and doesn't stop when I say, STOP!, or takes a bite that is too big and coughs. I even still worry when my son takes a nap that last more than three hours that he is in a coma or something! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME???

Yesterday, while chasing Ollie all over the front yard to get him into the car, I saw my neighbors laughing at us. All I could do was wave, and feel like a complete idiot.  Here I am, 35 and chasing a 2-year-old around trying to reason with him... "If you don't get into that car, we are not going to the park!" then...  "Do you want some ice cream?  Then get into the car. Right now!"  The entire time, my son is having the time of his life!  Running and laughing, and positive that this game of chase is WAY better than ice cream at the park...

Yes, you should be laughing, of course I see the humor in it now... even if it is at my expense.
This whole parenting thing... What a blessing... and constant lesson about life and learning to not get so worked up about the small things...

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