It's Finally Here! Moving Day... oh wait... never mind...

It's here... moving day.

I am TOTALLY freaking out, stressed beyond belief, scared of this big step, worried about how Ollie and our cat, Professor, will make the transition, so far from packed and ready... But more than anything I am excited! Life is about the journey, not the fear of it...

Should I be sitting here typing away on this big day? No.

Am I procrastinating? Yes.

Is anything packed and ready for the movers? Not really.

Am I proud of this? No.

Is the new house ready? HA! Not even close.

Is Ollie's room ready? CHECK!

Sorry for the glare, more pictures soon.
After realizing restoring his floors would be WAY more than we could do right now, we put a no glue laminate on top until we could get up the nerve to undertake the refinishing .. But the paint and trim look really good!

Are any other rooms ready? Yeah... no.

Is FTD looking at me like, Get up and pack something?  Yep.

OK,  I am going to move now... Wish me luck!

UPDATE!  It's no longer moving day... We hired the national company Two Men And A Truck and After NUMEROUS issues on their end, including a rude mover, they refunded our deposit... I am SO Furious!!!  Ollie's bed is in pieces, his toys are in boxes and we are no longer moving... Buy a house they said... it will be fun they said...

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