Headleveler Pillows: Customize Your Family's Perfect Night's Sleep (#Giveaway US & CAN)

I was provided with a free product to facilitate this review. All Opinions are my own. As if! 

As a belly sleeper, in an attempt to find the perfect night's sleep, I have tried hundreds of pillows. You know, the pillow that does not leave me with a sore back, neck and eyes that won't fully open, no matter how much coffee I consume. I've tried every, "As Seen On TV," pillow and even once this $120 super gusset pillow that was supposed to be the best ever-- It broke down in a couple of months and was one of the worst ever! Thankfully, I have finally found the perfect pillow, and it's not some super fancy memory foam and ridiculously priced. Just very well designed and made... and for under $100! Headleveler Pillows are custom made pillows to contour YOUR head, neck and shoulders, and they are SUPER affordable! (I'm on my third month sleeping on one, and it's still like the day I got it!)

When I was contacted by the Headleveler company to conduct a review, I was skeptical of this perfect, "Made To Measure Pillow." After all, I had been through hundreds of perfect pillows, and was sure the perfect pillow did not exist. Especially, when I was still sleeping on a less than perfect mattress. Still, I was curious, so I said, OK.  Then, what happened next was... well... personal...

I was sent an email with the following questions...

Could you please provide me with the following information so that I can send you the proper thickness for your pillow.  Here are the questions:

Do you have wide or average shoulders?
Do you sleep mostly on your back or your side?
Do you have a pillow-top mattress (foam on top of spring mattress)?
What type of pillow are you currently using?  (i.e. ordinary pillow, foam pillow, thick, thin)

WHAT? You want to know, WHAT? Even I don't know my weight. No one should!

Desperate for a good night's sleep, I walked my plump bottom into the bathroom and climbed on the evil thing... I replied with my answers to the questions and then answered the ones asked for Ollie.

That's right, this review is not only about me... it's about how Headleveler pillows are custom made pillows for kids too! 

A week or so after sending my unspeakable numbers, the perfect pillow for Ollie and I arrived.  Pillows like I have never seen... They had three clearly defined sections, and each was a different size than the next. Baffled, by the baffles... I read the information sheet that came with the pillows.

I turns out, each section is independent of the next, and custom designed different part of your body--to ensure perfect alignment when sleeping!  Very Cool. Now, I see why my height, weight and other info were needed.

You, all. WOW! And for men, this is the pillow that stops snoring... I know this because FTD keeps taking mine from me. And as a testament to the pillows, I take t back because I sleep so well and deeply, that I can't be bothered but the freight train  snoring. I told him if he left it alone, I would get him one for Father's Day.  Seeing as how mine was made for me, not, 6'1 and lots more pounds than me, him!

FYI: Headlever or "Ortho-Cerv" Pillows, have been around for 25-years now and are 100% made in Canada, from materials to production. No need to worry that your child's pillow has been sitting in a container floating across an ocean for the past 3-months... Currently,  Headleveler pillows are sold all over Canada and the US in orthopedic stores, and are recommended by medical professionals (In both Canada and the US!) to those undergoing physical therapy, and for athletes too!

OK!  Enough about the adults, on to the kids...

When the granddaughter of the inventor of the Headleveler pillow moved from a crib to a toddler bed, her mother had a horrible time finding a child sized pillow for her daughter. Especially, one that offered support AND was hypoallergenic AND machine washable AND not massive on her toddler bed... So, the mini-me "Junior" Headleveler was created!

 They are the cutest little pillows, with custom made pillow cases. Ollie LOVES his!

The main thing I love the most about this pillow, is that it is sturdy and contoured for my little one's little neck. I also like that the pillow is not squishy. I know he is a big boy now and all, but, I still won't let him have super squishy stuffed animals or pillows. It makes me nervous. Plus, the Headleveler pillows fits nicely into the washing machine, which is handy when a toddler is involved.

Ollie's favorite part is having a pillow like mommy and daddy.  I know, he says it; "Ollie's pillow, like mommy and daddy."

Currently, there are two children's pillows available:

Junior Small--for a 20-35 pound child
Junior Large--for a 35-50 pound child

To comply with safety guidelines, Headleaveler pillows are not recommended for children who are still in cribs...

Bottom Line: These pillows are the goods. I can also say, (in a week or two) my whole family sleeps on them.  (Happy early Father's Day, FTD!) I absolutely LOVE how at the end of the day, when I lay down, I actually feel the stress come off my spine and neck. I melt into the pillow and my bed comfortably.  Seriously, it's NO BS! I really really really love theses pillows, and I have NO doubt you will too!

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