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This post has been brought to you by Huggies, but that's all, the story is all about me, so of course all opinions are my own!

Yay, it's Memorial Day! I love this national holiday for so many reasons. Of course, first and foremost, it is a day that Americans come together to remember the men and women who died while serving in the armed forces. Not only do I think of the fallen soldiers on this day, I think of their family members too. I want them to know that their lives were not lost in vein. I am raising my son in a beautiful, safe and free country because of those who fight on the front lines to keep it that way. 

The other reason I love Memorial day is because, to me, it is the kick-off to summer! I know after Memorial Day weekend, I can garden without fear of frost, I can wear dresses and sandals non-stop, and... and... THE POOLS OPEN!!!! Memorial day is also the national day of pools opening. 

This is the first year since getting pregnant that I am excited about the pools opening for two reasons.

1. My rather plump post-pregnancy bottom is finally not so plump.
2. It's time to teach the toddler to swim.  

I am so excited about teaching Ollie to swim.  I grew up near the ocean and so did FTD, so we both learned to swim at a very young age. We want the same for Ollie. Truth be told, if we still lived near the ocean, I would have had Ollie in swim lessons by now. But, since we do not have a pool or ocean in our backyard, I have not made it a top priority.

Last summer, Ollie was just a little over one and happy to run wild through the sprinklers at the park and zoo splash pad. This summer, the boy is nearly two-and-a-half and needs to learn to swim.  And since he is still in diapers, that means we need to wear swim diapers. (Yes, it's time for a shameless plug, but hey, there is an AWESOME giveaway to go with it!) 

I remember when I first took Ollie to the mini water park at the zoo. A friend and I met to take our littles to the zoo, and since it was such a hot day we decided after we got there to let them run around in the toddler sprinkler area. My girlfriend immediately whipped out a swim diaper. I asked her if they were really necessary.  --You know me, the constantly confused first-time mom.--  She said they were great because they keep the water out. Meaning, your child doesn't look like it's carrying around a super load in their diaper.... like my kid looked like after 10-seconds in the splash pad sprinklers... 

Needless-to-say, now that it's pool and sprinkler season, I will be keeping a couple of Huggie's Little Swimmer diapers on hand for those impromptu pool and sprinkler trips. 

·         Easy Open Sides that make removing the swim pant easier and provides easy disposal
·         Special leak guards made for water help protect against a mess
·         Stretchy sides for a comfortable fit, in and out of the water.
Speaking of trips to the pool, have you taught your little one to swim yet? Are you/did you spring for professional swim lessons, or teach your little one to swim yourself? I would LOVE to hear your stories!

Oh and... Good news! Huggies wants to make sure one lucky reader is fully prepared for those impromptu trips to the pool and sprinkler too, with a super Little Swimmers prize pack! Sign up below!

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