Dear Mom, This Mother's Day I Want You To Know... #MothersDay

*This letter has been published in the book,  A Letter to My Mom. A book project that honors the powerful, loving, complicated, one-of-a-kind relationships we all have with our mothers. 

Dear Mom,

WOW.  Now that I am a mother myself, I have so much more appreciation, admiration and respect for you than I ever thought possible. 

I really don't know how you did it. As a fairly new mother, I find myself so overwhelmed at times with my one little guy, to think you had three! As I struggle to maintain my sanity through the 'terrible twos,' you did it three times. As I struggle to change my thousandth diaper blow out with out throwing up, you did it three thousand times. As I struggle through dinner time and bed time on nights I am exhausted, you did it every night for three children.  When I am so dog tired I cannot muster the strength to do anything, my husband steps in; you didn't have that luxury, you found the strength.

All alone you spent countless sleepless nights holding your children through illness, let downs and heartbreak. When the days were long and tiring, you still smiled through bath time and bedtime. When the money was tight, you still made sure your children didn't go to sleep on an empty stomach. All alone you worked tirelessly to provide the very best you could for your children. 

On this Mother's Day I think of you, and wonder what it must have been like every Mother's Day alone with three young children. When so many mothers were getting breakfast in bed, you were serving it. When so many mothers were being showered with gifts, you were providing for your children. I wonder if you knew back then just how much it would mean to your children now.  I wonder if you knew your unconditional love and strength would finally be noticed and appreciated. 

Mom, thank you. Thank you for holding me all of those nights I was sick or crying over a heartbreak. Thank you, mom, for standing by me when I made poor decisions and let you down.  Thank you, mom, for teaching me about unconditional love and tough love. Thank you, mom, for being the most amazing woman I know. 

I love you.


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