I'm a Continental Mom! I'm Still In Shock... #ForWhatYouDo #ContinentalMom

A couple of months ago I received an email that made me sit down, and yell for FTD.  A media representative from Continental reached out to let me know I had been chosen to be a Continental Mom! Growing up around cars, I knew this was big. Really big. That's why my legs failed me. I was in complete shock!  After FTD read the email, he said, "Well done, baby. Call your brother, he is going to be so proud of you too. But tell him to sit down before you tell him... (My brother owns an import racing and off-road fabrication business. Essentially, he custom builds race cars and off-road vehicles from the ground up... and puts Continental's tires on most of them.)

Ring... Ring... Ring...
(We call each other "bro." We have been doing it since we were kids. It's a Miami thing...)
Bro: Hey, what's up Bro?
Me: What's up Bro! Are you sitting Down?
Bro: Oh, no. What have you done?
Me: I'm a Continental Mom!
Bro: A What?! Oh, God. You have lost your mind... Are you pregnant again?
ME: NO! Continental has chosen me to be a brand ambassador for their newest tire TrueContact. They are flying me to San Antonio and then taking me to their proving grounds in Uvalde to test the tires on various tracks under various weather conditions.
Bro: ...
ME: Bro? Are you there?
Bro:  I think I just crapped my pants! YOU are going to Uvalde? YOU! Not me, the McCormick that dreams of driving on those grounds. YOU?
ME: Damn straight! ME! ME! ME! ME! Not FTD or Ollie either. JUST ME!!! And I have every intention of testing the hell out of those tires. I mean, Drive it like you stole it! testing...
BRO: Well... At least I know you will do our name proud, and leave a lasting impression on those fools who chose the wrong McCormick!
Me: I'll take lots of pictures.
Bro: I'm really proud of you sister, go make me proud.

You all... I AM SO SO SO SO excited about this!!! As a brand ambassador for Continental, I will be flying to San Antonio this weekend to test out their newest tire, TrueContact. Why in the world would they want moms to do that you ask? Because, the tires were designed with moms in mind! After all, we are the ones who put the majority of miles on the family car, we should feel safe and secure. Plus, believe it or not, the tires on your car dictate a big part of your safety, fuel economy and carbon footprint! The TrueContact tire maximizes safety and savings across the board!

Oh, and in addition to the ridiculous amount of photos and selfies I plan to take and Instagram like a rockstar... The awesome PR team at Continental is going to make a mini movie just for me! I'll share that next week when I get home from my super awesome adventure. Wish me luck!

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