Continental TrueContact Tires: Wet Braking Like You Have Never Known #ContinentalMom #ForWhatYouDo

A few weeks ago Continental flew me out to San Antonio, put me up in a lovely hotel, then the next day took me, and 10 other bloggers across multiple platforms, out to their proving grounds in Uvalde, Texas to test their new TrueContact tires against other leading tire manufactures in the US. At no time did they pay me compensation for being there. Continental just had me out and let me test multiple tires, on multiple tracks, under multiple conditions so I could form my own opinions. And that's exactly what I did...

Oh. My. Goodness. What a day... I felt like I was having an out of body experience testing the limits like a wild person. I normally drive pretty subdued, you know having precious cargo and all, so when the track master said, FLOOR IT, then SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES.  I was like, um... are you sure? He smiled and said, Floor it, then picture a kid in front of the car. That was all I needed. I floored it, hit 55 miles an hour, then at the orange cones pictured a kid. I slammed on my brakes for dear life, on a track covered in water no less! Thankfully, the tires did their job and stopped. Well, the Continental TrueContact tires stopped...

We tested four leading tire manufactures that day, including the Continental TrueContact. The tires were all comparable in cost and style, and tested on the same make and model car.

It makes me sick to say it, but the tires on my own car did not stop until almost 15 feet AFTER the place where the Continental tires stopped. I was so upset when my tire manufacturer didn't stop. I got out of the car in disbelief, and asked the track guy why? WHY did my tires made by a leading tire manufacturer preform SO poorly in comparison? He explained the different tread levels on various tires, and the materials used. Plain and simple, Continental doesn't mess around when it comes to safety, materials and the environment. It's scary that other companies can.

Speaking of scary... Our next task was to purposely hydroplane! The purpose of the test was to show that if you can only afford to replace two tires, you should put them on the BACK, not the front. Which is the opposite of what I had always been taught, but sure enough, its true! I learned this by driving two separate cars-- one with new (TrueContact) tires on the front, and the other with new (TrueContact) tires only on the back-- around an oval track "hugging the white line" at 55 miles an hour, and then once I came to the part of the track with water being constantly hosed on it, I had and resist the urge to break when I saw the water. I actually had to hit that strip of wet track at 55 miles an hour and hydroplane! This showed the difference of control between having bald tires on the front vs. the back. It was night and day... and SO scary!

That's me saying, OMG!  Did you see that! SCARY!
It really was 
amazing how I just came right out of the hydroplane!
LOVE these tires!!
As if straight track breaking in water and purposely hydroplaning wasn't enough, next we tested the various tires on a huge wet road course. No comparison.  It was like the road was not even wet the way I zipped through the cones and turns on the Continental tires.

That's me, extra focused. That's my partner holding on to the "oh shit" handle and praying.
I learned so much that day at the Continental proving grounds. I learned that I drive like a chicken, and the more confidence I have behind the wheel, and yes, the more aggressive I am, the safer I drive. I will no longer be afraid to "hug" a turn, or slam on my brakes in water. Most of all, I learned that when you let your tire purchase be motivated by price, you put your family's lives in danger. I will not drive on crap tires ever again! It's crucial that you do the research and choose the best possible tires to protect your family. For my family, that is Continental's TrueContact Tires.

To learn more about the Continental TrueContact Tires, CLICK HERE!

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