20 Reasons You Need To Rethink Your Pinterest Boards

Recently, I came across this....

 Instantly I was like, YES! I am not the only one...

Then I started thinking... Are there more of us out there? More of us Pinterest dreamers who also happen to not have a crafty bone in our body. And when I say more of "us" think: So craft challenged, I'd say it's not funny, but usually all who witness piss themselves laughing. Sure enough, there are lots of "us" out there! If you too are one of "us," behold the reason you may need to call your family and tell them you love them before starting a Pinterest project. You know, just in case you blow up the house and/or yourself in the process...

I get it. This looked easy enough.
Or not.

I'd be proud of that

Um. I'm pretty sure booze was involved in the making of this cake.
Lots of it.

Yep. looks like my work.

I LOVE that this amazing baker just kept going.
It's clear by all of the lumps under the icing things went south well before the icing.
I think it's beautiful!
In a drunk disturbed teddy bear sorta way.
P.s. I am TOTALLY trying this! 

Been there. Done that. Rocked it.


I would be stoked with that, because I would call it a

Thank you to whom ever did this.
I was going to try it.

I may never eat one again thanks to this photo.

Seriously. This would scare my toddler from bunnies. FOREVER!
In fact, I may be.
I'm kinda grossed out right now. 
 I was going to give this a try.
Surely. I can do better...

Well... my toddler would LOVE to have it!
What ever you call "it"

I've cried over something similar.
While everyone else laughed...

Poor wife.
She tried, dammit.

Yep. I gave up on this photo two Christmases ago.
Actually, I gave up on all staged photos two Christmases ago.
And finally, the winner of, WTF Pinterest fail...

I bet this mom NEVER has to bake

So what did we learn today?

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