Resisting The Urge To Reduce A Low-Grade Fever

Like any good first-time mom, when my child gets sick I press pause on the world and obsess over his symptoms. Then once I've completely over analyzed everything going on with him, I start badgering every person I know for advice, remedies and slaps across the face to calm me down. Doesn't every first-timer? I used to think the fastest way to fix those aches, pains and fevers was to give him Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Little did I know, that may be to worst thing to do, and could even prolong his recovery time! #Fail

A couple of months ago, in the throws of the worst winter I have ever been through, Ollie, FTD and I found ourselves sick.

All. At. Once.

SUPER Sucked!

We all were running low grade fevers (99-102f) and plagued by the tell tale flu aches and pains. Yes, even though we had our flu shots! Immediately, FTD and I both took mega flu and cold horse pill gel caps, and gave Ollie a dose of baby Tylenol.

When after 24 hours Ollie was still running a low-grade fever, I called his pediatrician to ask for next steps. I told the nurse his symptoms; fever, runny nose, red sad eyes, shits... then when asked what I had been doing to combat it, I said only Tylenol and extra fluids.  The nurse said that the same illness was going around, not to worry and to STOP giving him any fever reducers when his fever was under 102f degrees.

Most of you are probably shaking your heads and saying out loud, DUH, low-grade fevers are a good thing. Well. Fine. I suppose I have always heard that... But! I saw 101.4 and freaked out. Must I remind you that I am a first-timer?! I realize that sometimes fevers are actually a good thing, because it shows that the body is working hard to fix itself.

That all being said, it's still hard to sit back and let nature do it's thing!  I am the mother, I want to fix my baby RIGHT FREAKING NOW! You would think after two years I would be less neurotic, but I'm not. I still worry and obsess.  My heart breaks when I look in his sad sleepy eyes. Even if he business as usual--running, jumping and trying to get into as much trouble as possible.

As I sit here typing, resisting the urge to reduce the low-grade fever he is running right now, I am trying to remind myself that even though during this past winter I wanted Mother Nature committed for the weather's bipolar behavior, sometimes she is the best mother for the job...

NOTE:  I am not a professional anything. This post SHOULD NOT be considered medical advice in any way shape or form. 

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