Pop Quiz: How Do You Break The Toddler Screaming Habit?

FTD and I are at our wits end with the wild-child's screaming.

He screams all day.


So Loud, FTD thinks he has hearing loss.

I am sure I have too. I am also sure my kid knows better, since he says, "no screaming" in a wisper tone before screaming his brains out. Whether he is scream-talking, scream-singing, or my personal favorite (Read: makes me want to dig a hole and bury my head in it), scream-screaming it's loud, obnoxious and officially out of hand!

It's like this, only multiplied by one-million and two--Both sound and frequency.

We have tried everything, from telling him "No Screaming" in a stern voice, to time-outs, to ignoring it.  NOTHING is working.

My friends, FTD and I desperately need your help. If you have any tips or methods to stop the screaming habit, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share them!  Or if this is a phase he is soon to grow out of, please tell me that.  I need something right now. Any glimmer of hope will do.  It's awful.

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