WHOO HOO!!! My Sister-In-Law Just Gave Birth To One Big Ass Baby!

My sister-in-law just gave birth to a 10.4 pound baby. Yes, TEN POUNDS and FOUR OUNCES. And 23 inches long! That's nearly TWO feet! TWO! King-freaking-kong! She knocked out King Kong. And O'Natural at that! All I can envision is this massive six-month-old baby popping out and giving his dad a high five!

Photo Credit: Dan Finnen

First of all, I want to extend a HUGE congratulations to the proud parents and then to the rest of FTD's family. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! He is absolutely adorable. 

Second, TEN FREAKING POUNDS. NATURALLY! To that I say... Amen! Holy Shit! & Someone get that girl a drink, or an award or something. And maybe some sushi, soft cheese, deli meat, wet nurse, back rub... Because would you believe...

She had a week long labor with Braxton Hicks on and off, was in and out of the hospital from Thursday until she finally gave birth on Monday, and though her labor definitely sucked, she pushed that King Kong baby out relatively quickly! THEN, a half hour later was up walking around and ready do go home! WHO DOES THAT? My Sister-in-law, that's who.  
FYI: She is also now a member of the, Two Under Two Club.
Her first child will not be two for another two months!

Would you believe when we found out she was in labor I looked at FTD and said, "You know, I'm really jealous she gets to have natural birth." While I am happy that my little 8.4 pound 20 inch Ollie was ejected safely out of my sunroof (C-Section), I do wonder what natural childbirth is like. Or what it's like to recover so quickly! Nature and the human body are just amazing. 

That being said... when I found out she pushed a MASSIVE baby out, I quickly changed my mind.  I am happy to just live vicariously thought her now.  And even though she, "pushed the big guy out relatively quickly," I have no doubt her pain threshold is MUCH higher than mine, because I am confident that in between me screaming every filthy word imaginable at FTD, I would be screaming at every doctor or nurse in ear shot to get me some drugs. I really just cannot imagine! 

It's just crazy how it all happens; After ten LONG months of pregnancy, one day this beautiful miracle comes into the world and completely flips your life upside down. So Amazing... and SO incredibly glad I did not have to knock out a ten pounder! 

Congratulations again to my beautiful sister-in-law and fabulous brother-in-law.  May your lives remain as blessed as the day your beautiful son came into this world. 

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