March On 30/30 Challengers!

Hello Hello March 30/30 Challengers!  I hope you are reading this post feeling taller, stronger and most of all, healthier!  I have had two incredible surprises this week from challengers.

The first challenge rockstar let me know the challenge has rubbed off on her husband, and for over a week now they have walked everyday and brown bagged it to work for lunch, saving money and calories!

The second was when a long time readers showed me the proof of the Challenge's effects!  While she has chosen to not weigh herself until the end of the month, she has CLEARLY lost weight.  Possibly a pant size!  She said she is physically able to do more everyday, and has even picked up her old favorite home workout video!

As for me, I am stronger, leaner and definitely walking taller! I am integrating Yoga, Pilates, Zoo Walks, and 30 minute dance/clean-up parties with ollie,where we put on music and dance around and pick-up the ridiculous mess we made all day!

For those of you just joining the challenge, here is what's going on...

In Short: The 30/30 challenge is about mini-monthly challenges with mini-goals to help keep you on track. The hope is that over the next couple of months, small attainable changes will deliver us to the healthiest most active summer of our lives! 

This month is ...

Be Mindful and Get Moving Month! 
March is do anything for 30 minutes a day for 30 days... 
Mix it up Walk, Yoga, Clean, Shop, Organize... 
Just be mindful of the challenge and your body moving each day!

 Stay focused on yourself for 30-minutes everyday, and move as much as possible during that 30-minutes.  OR... Instead of moving, spend 30-minutes enjoying a healthy good for you lunch from prepping it to eating!  OR... if you are stuck at your desk, visit your favorite health magazine's website or Facebook page. They are jam packed full of tips, motivation and recipes. Just do something. Take time for you and your overall health, and feel good about it! Turn on some upbeat music and dance around. Celebrate becoming a healthier you this month! 

I'd love to know how your March is Marching on!

Next Friday I will be back with the details of April's 30/30 Challenge... 

To read more about the 30/30 Challenge, Click Here! 

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