Those Been-There-Done-That Parents... Why Do They Always Have To Be Right?!

I am so sick of those been-there-done-that (BTDT) parents saying, I told you so!  It's constant. And to add insult to injury, they are always right. ARG!

Even Ollie is annoyed...
Here are few examples of the BTDT "I told you sos", I have heard over the last two years...

ME: I cannot wait for my baby to start crawling!
BTDT: Yes, you can. Trust me, it's nice when they stay in one place.
Sure enough...Two months later... Baby starts crawling... far and FAST! Making it so I can no longer leave a room for a second without losing my baby.
BTDT: I told you so.

ME: I cannot wait until my baby starts eating solids! I might try rice cereal early...
BTDT: Yes, you can. And don't you dare! Rice cereal won't make them sleep through the night, plus life gets very messy when they start solids. They throw more food on the floor then they actually eat.
ME: Whatever...
Sure enough... He didn't sleep any better, and WHAT A MESS!
BTDT: I told you so.

Me: I cannot wait for my baby to start walking!
BTDT: Yes, you can. They want to walk EVERYWHERE.  Including the grocery while you are trying to shop.
Me: Whatever...
Sure enough... My son learning to walk turned out to be so annoying, because 9SURPRISE!) he constantly wanted to walk everywhere.
BTDT: I told you so.

Me: I cannot wait until I can hand my phone over to my son to keep him busy while I shop.
BTDT: Yes, you can.  You will never see your phone again!
Me: Whatever...
Sure enough... all he says is, "See Ollie! See Ollie!" He wants to look at pictures and videos. (For more information on this epic fail, see "Warning DO NOT give this to a toddler."
BTDT: I told you so.

Me:  I cannot wait until my starts talking!
BTDT:  Yes you can. They repeat everything you say.
Sure enough...
Me: Shit!
Toddler: Shit!
BTDT: I told you so.

And the latest... and yet to be seen...

ME: I cannot wait until my toddler can hold conversations!
BTDT: Yes, you can.  They NEVER Shut up!
Me: Whatever!  I cannot imagine wanting that sweet little angelic voice to "shut up!" I bet my kid will  say the greatest stuff too!  No way would I want that kind of funny to stop!  Yeah, whatever.  No way will I ever want him to Shut up...
BTDT: Trust me on this.

I know history proves I should believe the Been-there-done-that parent on this one.  BUT! BUT! BUT! ... But nothing, I have eaten my words enough to know I will want him to stop talking too.  Even if it is unimaginable now.

What words has a BTDT made you eat?

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Secretn0 said...

Me: I can't wait until he doesn't want me to hold him all of the time.
BTDT: trust me, you will miss it. Soon he will be running all over the place and you will beg him to let you hold him.
Me: Nope! My arms need a break to do other things like cook, eat, brush my teeth, etc.
Now...my son is running all over the place and I miss holding him and how he snuggled up to me.

Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

Yup this happens all of the time even for me as a BTDT mom. This is an excellent post. ;)

Claire said...

As your trusted BTDT mum, you will be begging for them to just shut up. If not at the 'why, but why' stage, then at the question everything stage and if not then at the it's not fair, I don't like you, you can't do that stage (our current stage of our 5yr old) mixed in with the cheekiness stage of I'm going to tell daddy/ granny what you did. Or when they get super into a program, comic or book and talk endlessly about spiderman, teenage turtles or god help us power rangers. Lol cause if I don't I might just cry!!!! X

April McCormick said...

DITTO!!! I cannot hold on to Ollie unless I'm holding something he is trying to eat! I miss cuddling.

April McCormick said...

Thanks, Christy! So it even happens to BTDTs? Interesting...

April McCormick said...

Well, shoot! Now that you put it like that... I do remember the Why's from my nephews. I finally learned to turn the question around on them, "I don't know why. what do you think...?" It worked. But the 'I hate you phase." Yeah, I can do without that.

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