Finally, The Number One Parenting Question Answered-- Who Do You Use For...

"Who Do You Use For," or really just, "Who Do You...," is probably the most common question a parent asks. Lately, I have been asking that question about babysitters.  I need a babysitter, and before I break down and call an expensive service, I am trying to find someone through word-of-mouth. In fact, I ALWAYS try to find people in the service industry through word-of-mouth.  So, when the PR team from "" contacted me, and said they knew how to find babysitters in my area through people I trusted, I was certainly intrigued.  They said was full of word of mouth recommendations from my friends, friends of friends and people living right in my city.  Um... Yes, please.

Sure enough, I typed in babysitter and my city, and got this...

First it let me know there were seven relevant answers to my questions, within 15 miles of my location! Then, of the seven, it ranks the answers by which one is the most relevant.  I was able to click on the impost relevant to see the discussion. One thread alone had 14 responses about babysitters!  NUTS!

So how does this work? works by tapping into social media, where most people are talking today, to find personal recommendations on multiple goods and services using keywords.

The mastermind behind WhoDoYou created the system when a few years back he and his wife did a massive home renovation. He contacted everyone he knew, every way imaginable, to find reliable contractors and help.  Now, he cannot find any of the recommendations he was given.  So, he developed a way to store the recommendations through his social media. Seeing how helpful it was, he took the concept mainstream, and BOOM WhoDoYou was born!

Today there are thousands of people participating in WhoDoYou to help drive the personal recommendation information train.  All you do is sign up, and your recommendations will be added too, or don't sign up and visit WhoDoYou to get recommendations.  It works for you any way you need it to.  But chances are... you will enter a search term and find your friends and friends of friends already talking about the things and people you need.  Try For Your Self!  To search WhoDoYou, Click Here!

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