Silver Edge Gear-Odor Bashing Sports, Travel, Baby and Pet Gear! (#Giveaway)

Any parent who has already gone down the potty training road will tell you, it's messy smelly business.  I know this to be a fact, because I am both in the throws of potty training, and endured it with my sister through two boys.  So, when Silver Edge Gear contacted me about reviewing their state of the art silver lined odor bashing bacteria fighting bags, I did not hesitate to say, Yes, please! 

Say bye bye to smelly clothes at day care or sitting in the car all day. stinking up the joint...

The first thing I thought of when I was introduced to the silver gear bags, was how when my first nephew was potty training, it seemed like every time I would pick him up from daycare (I was his nanny) they would hand me a gross Ziploc bag of soiled clothes. Then the same was true with my second nephew.  I quickly learned accidents happen, and that's to be expected with potty training.  Still. It's gross.

So when Silver Edge Gear assured me that my toddler's soiled clothes would not smell or grow ANY bacteria in the bags...  Um. Yeah, I had to see that for myself too...

Here is the scoop...

So what's the secret to the bacteria and stink free Silver Edge Gear bags? They are lined with a patent pending Advanced PE47 Technology. Which means in terms the rest of the world can understand, the bag's lining is completely covered in sliver to ensure that the stink will never crop up for the life of the bag. The silver will NEVER wash off. The Bacteria will NEVER grow and the Stink will NEVER take over! Oh, and bag is also waterproof!

The promise is that dirty diapers, soiled clothes and even stinky gym shoes can be left in a HOT car all day without any smell taking over the car.  So, I stuffed my yoga clothes and shoes in there in the morning, and took them out later that night for laundry.  I have to admit, there was no smell.  It was VERY cool. I have a feeling this sliver lining business is going to take the smelly world by storm.

FYI: Bags are not the only thing going on over Silver Edge Gear.  

They have pretty much EVERYTHING sports related from, helmet liners and pads, to arm sleeves, shoe inserts and shin guards.  And for that stinky wet dog... there are collars! And of course, for us parents, diaper bag inserts! 

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