Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Awesomely Annoying Things About Toddlers.

Ah, Toddlers.  Amazing little creatures aren't they?  Here are 10 of the 101 ways we find them annoying as hell complex Awesome!

1. When they are screaming in public and you say, "Shhhh," they SCREAM even louder with balled fists.

2. When they bring you the same book for the four-hundreth time that day, desperate for a new book, you say no more! The book gets launched across the room, while death stares are simultaneously launched through you.

3. Three minutes after you pass the bathroom and are nearly to the car, they announce they actually do need to go potty.  But really, they don't.

4.The minute you finish building the block tower or choo choo track, it is demolished with King Kong force.

5. The minute you throw away their dinner, that they barely touched, they ask for it back, or worse, a snack. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

6. The last thing they want to play with in the house is their own toys.

7. If you give them sugar of any kind, they turn into Gremlins in 8 seconds or less.

8. Taking them out to eat is like trying to have a nice meal in the middle of a tornado.

9.  Even though it takes twenty minutes to get them dressed, it only takes 3 seconds for them to get their clothes back off, especially in the back of the car.

10. Long car rides with them are being considered by the US military as a new torture tactic to get terrorist to talk.

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Alissa said...

11. Might I add.... They ask for a toy and they say "No Throw" and then 2 seconds after you give them said toy they throw it in a frustrated rage... I would also add to that list any type of food you give them that they don't want to eat usually ends up on the floor.

April McCormick said...

What is it with the food on the floor? I thought we would be over that by now!!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

My kid is into food as another kind of toy right now. I am reluctant to serve yogurt, cereal or soup anymore.

Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

I agree with number 5. My son wasn't eating the food I fixed him and I threw it away. He wanted it back. I told him no way.
He loves to snack even if he has eaten a full meal. He is a bottomless pit some days and other days he eats like a bird.

Karen said...

I'm helping my sister take care of her little boy. Number 6. is sooo true that what they want is your laptop, iphone or whatever and completely ignore their own toys. But I have to say that they know how to annoy you and play cute at the same time.