Socially Unacceptable Sunday- Hilarity From The Past Week.

This past week the social media channels of First Time Mom and Dad were jam packed with funny.  So much funny, that I have no choice but to bring some of my favs together for a Socially Unacceptable Sunday post.  For those of you who follow us (THANK YOU!),  some of these you may have seen, for those of you who do not (FAIL)... this is what you are missing...

Let's kick things off with some of my faves from the First Time Mom & Dad Facebook Page... a.k.a Inappropriate humor all-day-every-day

Oh. So. True.

You All...  My kid is an Army of one.
A tiny little earth shaking army of one.


Instagram- A.k.a. the window into my reality.

What the kid thinks of Mommy's Day Out Child Care

Look who got to go to Target!
I Know... I know...
He SHOULD totally enter a Hula Hoop Contest

ME: FTD!  What are you doing?
FTD: Trying to teach Ollie to Ollie
Me: Of Course.

There is a new sheriff in town...
Sheriff BatBoy

Twitter- aka- My Soap/Bitch Box

Admit it, you not only know what I am talking about, your letting it happen right now...

This is reason number four zillion I cannot wait until Ollie can talk.

Ok. Maybe I can wait until he can talk...
HAHAHAHA!!  This was me on Friday afternoon.

YouTube- A.k.a as close to starring in a reality show as I ever want to get.


Pinterest... A.k.a LIES! Those people cannot be that perfect...


NOTHING says, I LOVE YOU to man more than Bacon Hearts!

Reason 1004 I am glad I have a boy.
No way could i do that!
Nope. None. 

I Love this! 

I am so making these!!
Well, I am going to try...

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I hope you have a fabulous week!!

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