It's 30/30 Challenge Time! Get Ready For... Mindful March.

Calling all you 30/30 Challengers... It's time for our first big challenge of 2014!

This challenge is just to get you thinking and moving baby steps style. Start thinking about your inner self: mind, body and soul. Don't worry, this one will be SUPER easy!  You can do it from your desk while reading the blog.  In fact, if you are reading this post on March 1st, count it as your first 30!

For those of you just joining us, here is a little background on the 30/30 challenge...

Last summer, I caught an episode of 'The Doctors' that changed my life. They were highlighting diet and exercise fads, including the 30/30 challenge. What the show did was get ordinary people to test each of the programs. The 30/30 challenge was tested by an average sized (10-12) mid-twenties girl.  She was to walk for 30-minutes for 30 days straight. She didn't have to change her diet, or walk fast; just walk. By the second week she lost weight, gained energy,  and got a better nights sleep, and overall felt 100% better. That was in just 14 days! By the end of the challenge she lost 11 pounds and her husband was now in on the walking too. Months later they were still exercising together and eating healthier.  All I could think was, hell yeah!  I can do that! 

So as you can see, as much as I would like to take credit for the challenge, I cannot, the Doctors made this up. HOWEVER! I make modifications to it, so that it is not only about walking for 30-minutes for 30 days.  Every month, I personally do mini 30/30 challenges. During the month of February, I did 30 of something daily-- sit-ups, squats, leg lifts, lunges... Guess what, by the second week I was feeling so good that I bought a three-month Groupon for unlimited classes at a Yoga studio!  I'm telling you, this thing works!

Ok, back to the challenge for March...

I dub this month, Mindful March, because that's all YOU.  

March is do anything for 30-minutes a day, for 30 days... Mix it up
walk, yoga, clean, shop, organize a closet, drink water all day instead of diet Coke, lift light dumbbells through the Big Bang Theory, visit your favorite fitness magazine website or Facebook Page for inspiration and tips...
Just be mindful of the challenge and your overall goal for wellness.


Set an alarm each day for a time you know you will be free.  Maybe it's after the kids are asleep, or the time before dinner where you can escape for a walk around the block. Turn on some upbeat music and dance around. Get creative!  Just stay focused on yourself for 30-minutes everyday, and move as much as possible during that 30-minutes.  OR... Instead of moving, spend 30-minutes enjoying a healthy good for you lunch from prepping it to eating!  OR... if you are stuck at your desk, visit your favorite health magazine's website or Facebook page.  They are jam packed full of tips, motivation and recipes. Just do something. Take time for you and your overall health, and feel good about it!

I'll be checking in on you throughout the month, and offering a few goodies too!

Happy MARCHing...

NOTE:  To read more about the 30/30 challenge, to see the clip from the Doctors Show outlining the challenge, or to read about my first challenge, and the challenges lined up for the next couple of months, CLICK HERE!

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